Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time Cologne Review

This is my full wear review of Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time, released in 2011 by Loris Azzaro. As I usually do, I’m going to cover what’s in it, how it smells, performs, when it should be worn, and whether or not I think that this cologne is worth a purchase.


Notes include: bitter orange, vetiver, lavender, cedar, rhubarb

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I’m not that much of a fan of bitter orange in my fragrances and am not that enthusiastic about regular orange most of the time either. However, the bitter orange note that is prominent in Night Time, isn’t bad and I actually kind of like it. The original Azzaro Pour Homme, is a nice and inexpensive scent, it just never fit my style. I feel the same way about this one, also. Night Time shares some of the DNA with the original but it has much less of that dry wood scent and goes more into the combo of bitter orange and rhubarb.

Night Time has a different sort of spice, than its originator, and it’s quite fresh and warm. Though, you can still tell that this is a relative of Azzaro Pour Homme, which isn’t always the case with these flankers (see: La Nuit De L’Homme L’Intense). The biter orange adds some zest to the composition and combined with rhubarb, it makes for an interesting aroma. Yet, it never strays into the realm of a pure citrus fragrance, and retains that sharp/dry woody greenery that made the original popular.

Projection wise, Night Time, is pretty good. It’s not a beast nor overwhelming but it definitely gets the job done…especially at this price point. The longevity is also quite good but it’s not an extreme 12+ hour scent by any means but it should last for most of the day.

I’d call this a good casual/work scent, and yes, it can be a nighttime fragrance for going to Happy Hour afterwards. It’s not particularly built for the summer (when I’m trying this sample) but it should be a great fit for the autumn/winter months.

Overall, is Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time worth a look? I’d say, yes. Again, it’s not really my style but I do think it’s a fine cologne. If you liked the original, you’d probably like this. Also, since it’s so inexpensive, it’s a solid wear that you can try out without having to go broke.