La Nuit De L’Homme L’Intense by Yves Saint Laurent Review

I had never smelled this particular Yves Saint Laurent fragrance going into this review and I had high hopes since it shares the name of La Nuit De L’Homme. How does L’Intense stack up against some of the other offerings by YSL? In this post, I want to explore how it smells, what’s in it, how it performs, and whether or not I think that it is worth a buy?


Notes include: violet, sage, iris, patchouli, vanilla, tonka bean

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I’m not a huge fan of floral notes in my fragrances, in most cases and as the main attraction, anyways. So, I was suspicious off the bat as to whether or not this cologne would be any good, but I usually really like Yves Saint Laurent fragrances. The opening is a sweet and powdery floral experience, highlighted by the violet and iris notes. Actually, it wasn’t that bad and seemed pretty appealing to me, though, I don’t really understand the connection with the original La Nuit De L’Homme.

L’Intense does smell quite feminine to me though, it’s sweet and soft, and while it does have some masculine elements…it reminds me of a ladies’ scent. It really does just have this persistent powder-laden candy aroma for much of the first few hours of wear, that is at time appealing but also can feel like it’s too much at times. Not too much because it’s an ‘intense’ fragrance, but because the sweetness and floral notes just get headache inducing, much like my experience with Lolita Lempicka.

So, at this point, it doesn’t smell like La Nuit De L’Homme in the slightest and it’s not really intense…I begin to wonder what the purpose of this EDP was. It does settle down into more of a patchouli and sage mixture after a while but the aroma is mostly the same throughout.

Projection wise, it’s pretty moderate, not intense but I didn’t find it overly weak either. It’s longevity on the other hand, isn’t even moderate. I get about 3-4 hours out of this. It’d probably be best worn as a fall/winter cologne on casual occasions.

Overall, is L’Intense a buy? I don’t really see why. It’s not a terrible smell but it’s also not as good as any of the other L’Homme fragrances that I’ve reviewed here. The original is better. Eau Electrique is better. L’Homme Parfum Intense, which I reviewed the other day, is much better than this one. I don’t see where L’Intense even fits in or why anyone would choose it over anything else from YSL’s line, that has some amazing scents.