Nuits de Noho by Bond No.9 Perfume Review

I’m still working through writing up all of my Bond No. 9 sample reviews, and I think all but one of the last of them, are ladies’ fragrances. Today’s review is no exception, Nuits de Noho for Women. As usual, I want to break down what’s in this scent, how it performs, what it smells like, and whether or not is should be considered for purchase.


Notes include: pineapple leaf, mandarin, bergamot, patchouli, musk, jasmine, rosewood, and vanilla

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The opening of Nuits de Noho immediately reminds me of another Bond No. 9 fragrance, I Love NY for Holidays (which is also similar to Mugler’s Angel). While that one, opens up with a blueberry/mandarin baked goods type of aroma, Nuits de Noho, takes on more of a blend of pineapple/vanilla. Both of these scents are patchouli bombs and share the mandarin orange note and overall fruity profile. However, Holidays has a praline note that makes it even more of a gourmand while Nuits de Noho goes in a bit of a different direction.

The patchouli and musk are rather strong from the start before it settles in about 10-15 minutes after application. It’s rather intense and I don’t particularly enjoy the perfume at that point but it does settle down into something sweeter and more pleasant.

While the pineapple leaf is there during wear, it doesn’t feel too strong in my opinion. The vanilla note takes up position behind the patchouli and musk combo and adds the sweetness. Then, the jasmine note emerges with its familiar clean/powdery/smoothness. The floral aspect of Nuits de Noho is what most separates it from I Love NY for Holidays and it gives the scent a very ‘green’ feel underneath the warm sweetness/spiciness.

Projection wise, it felt pretty strong. Not completely overpowering but I always knew it was there while wearing. I’d rate the performance as very good, in those terms. Longevity, 7-ish hours or thereabouts, is what I was able to manage on my skin. Again, not crazy good but definitely a solid wear.

Taking a look at the notes, it could seem like a spring/summer wear, but how they’re structured actually makes it the opposite. Nuits de Noho is a cold weather scent. In fact, I think it’d get kind of messy in the heat of summer. I’d say that it has good versatility as an everyday wear during the cold parts of the year. It could be worn casually, at the office, dressed up, or even on a date (though, it’s not super sexy or anything like that).

Overall, is Nuits de Noho worth a look? I’d say yes, for some women. If you like Mugler’s Angel perfume, this will be something you might enjoy even more, as it is a slightly different and I’d say more refined take on that. Patchouli, vanilla, musk, floral, and pineapple is what you should expect, so, if that’s not appealing to you…go ahead and skip this one. However, it does smell good and gives a nice performance, so this one should appeal to a decent amount of people.