Obsessed for Men By Calvin Klein Cologne Review

Walking through a department store, I made my usual pass around the fragrance counters, and saw a Calvin Klein display with a men’s fragrance I have yet to try. Apparently, it’s a new release and called Obsessed for Men. There was a tester spray bottle, so, I hit my arms up with three sprays in order to experience it and do a one-time wear review for the site. In this post, I’m going to cover all of the usual aspects of this cologne, and give my take on how it wears and performed during┬ámy limited interaction with it.


Notes include: vanilla, cardamom, pepper, ambroxan, leather, grapefruit, cedar

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Obsessed for Men seems like a very familiar scent even though I cannot pinpoint what specific cologne it reminds me of. I’m leaning towards it being a mix of several fragrances and just triggering my memory all at once. The opening gives me a really fresh start with the grapefruit, pepper, and cedar stepping out in front. The vanilla note is always present and really ties the whole thing together. Obsessed is a very clean fragrance, it is on the lighter side, and almost unisex but man, I like the super fresh energy that I get from it.

I think Obsessed is supposed to be a flanker fragrance to the original Obsession or at least a nod to it. ┬áThere does seem to be some overlap but since it’s been a few years since last wearing Obsession, I can’t really give a detailed head to head. However, it does share the grapefruit, vanilla, and amber/ambroxan notes, so there is some similarity…but I don’t really recall the original smelling like this. As Obsessed wears on, it becomes more vanilla/spicy/ambroxan than it’s initial grapefruit, though it doesn’t ever really become masculine. Still quite fresh and clean and upbeat.

Projection wise, Obsessed is okay. It’s not really a powerful scent but it isn’t as bad as some other CK releases. The longevity for my test run was about 4-5 solid hours and then maybe another hour wear it was still noticeable but weak. Again, not great but not the worst either. Maybe it’d be better in different weather or with more wear from me but that’s what I got with the one time deal.

I’d call this a casual cologne, though, I could see myself wearing this on a date. Again, it’s not the most masculine scent but it does have a certain attractiveness/sexiness to it. The vanilla note is sweet, fairly warm, and darkened by the spice. It’s quite intriguing.

Overall, would I say Obsessed for men is a buy? Maybe. I actually do really like the way it smells but I’d want some more time wearing it before making a call. It’s not a hyper unique scent but it is quite pleasant. I have some concerns about the longevity but maybe it’d be better with more testing. This is a solid offering from Calvin Klein, it could be better, but I like it well enough. Perhaps, it is a buy at the right price.