Only the Brave Wild by Diesel Cologne Review

Another sample that I received recently is from the Only the Brave line by Diesel, named, Wild. Flanker fragrances to original scents that have enjoyed popularity can be hit and miss. Sometimes, you get an improvement over the original, and many other times you get a complete dud. How does Only the Brave Wild stack up? Please continue reading below for my full take.


Notes include: citronella, lavender, nutmeg, black pepper, coconut wood, cedar

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The opening of Only the Brave Wild, is a mix of woodsy green notes and spice provided by the black pepper and nutmeg notes. It took me a few minutes to figure out what the nutmeg note was reminding me of and I finally placed it to Polo’s Double Black. No, these two scents aren’t clones of one another, it was just that singular note which was drawing my attention. But with the citronella note in this one instead of the mango in Double Black, there is a vague resemblance lurking between the two scents.

Anyways, there is a fresh spiciness and warmth to this cologne from the outset. The grapefruit-like aroma (citronella) gives Only the Brave Wild an understated citrus aroma that blends rather nicely but ultimately weakens after about a half an hour.

There is also coconut wood as a note and not the coconut itself, which is interesting because it isn’t an intense coconut smell like found in Virgin Island Water. However, you do pick up on that sort of tropical vibe underneath the wood and spice. As it moves along, I get more of the black pepper and nutmeg combo paired with the wood, and much less of the citrus/coconut combo.

Projection wise, this Diesel cologne, is kind of weak but not a complete disaster. You might add an extra spray while wearing it to get a full effect. The longevity is also not so great, I’d say around 4 hours per wear, maybe 5 on occasion.

This strikes me as a fall through springtime scent. I wouldn’t like this in the summer and it would probably perform even worse in the heat. In cold weather, it could be fairly decent, as a casual office kind of cologne. I wouldn’t wear this for a night on the town, a date, or anything else of the sort.

Overall would I recommend Only the Brave Wild? Not really. I don’t see it as useful in any meaningful way. It doesn’t smell terrible, but it’s just okay, and very forgettable. The performance isn’t good enough for it to be a sneaky good fragrance, and I’m pretty unenthusiastic about wearing it any further. There are a ton of better options at this price point and below, so Only the Brave Wild is the odd man out.