YSL Opium Pour Homme Cologne Review

One of the first colognes that I ever bought for myself was Opium Pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent. I remember that I had read positive reviews on the fragrance but I think what swung me to buying it was the name. Yes, as stupid as that sounds I simply liked the name, Opium. It made the cologne sound exotic and addictive to me, which were two qualities that I thought would work well in a fragrance.

Opium was introduced by YSL in 1995. This French company has a long history of producing magnificent fragrances and Opium definitely continues that tradition. It turns out Opium does have an exotic aroma which does conjure up thoughts of oriental spices or the Silk Road.


Notes in Opium Pour Homme:

Vanilla, ginger, pepper, cedar, and balsam

The first thing that one notices when testing out Opium Pour Homme for the first time is that burst of vanilla and how well it blends with the spicier notes. It can sometimes seem too concentrated when fresh out of the bottle but it quickly settles and exposes the underlying notes which give it its intoxicating power. I likened my first impressions of Opium to that of D&G’s 21 Le Fou in my review of that fragrance. Both colognes have similar compositions except use different notes for effect.

I like to wear Opium mostly in the daytime as I feel it is a perfect complement to casual environments. It is still a captivating fragrance however and routinely draws complements from others including perfect strangers. Opium also lasts a long time, it is honestly one of the longest lasting fragrances that I have ever tried. It is a heavier fragrance when compared to something like 21 Le Fou but as long as one doesn’t drench themselves in it, this doesn’t present a problem.

There are certain fragrances on the market that cater to the sensibilities of the younger man, though, I don’t believe this is one of them. That’s not to say it is an old man’s fragrance, it just has a certain sophistication that many of the more fruity based colognes lack. This cologne has an elegant spice to it, that almost demands it be worn by a man with a certain gravitas. Opium is seductive and always has worked well around women in my experience.

Opium Pour Homme is a fantastic fragrance for those who have the right style and sensibility. I don’t think it will mesh well with the stylistic presentation of some guys but I do know that it is a damn good smelling cologne.