Original Vetiver by Creed Fragrance Review

Another day, another review. This time, I’ve been trying out a sample vial of Original Vetiver by Creed. Creed has some nice fragrances for guys, but I’ve also been disappointed or underwhelmed by some of their releases, that I thought were really bland. Sure, I can still appreciated the quality craftsmanship of each scent, but at that price if it doesn’t smell good…what the hell is the point? Does Original Vetiver fall into the same trap?


Notes include: vetiver, ginger, bergamot, sandalwood, musk, iris, ambergris, mandarin

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Obviously, the main attraction here is the vetiver note. However, upon the initial opening the citrus pair of bergamot and mandarin are very prevalent and work well with the soft spicy undertones of the ginger. While I do enjoy vetiver in many different colognes, I was unsure about how I would feel about it being a dominant force in a fragrance, but I have to say that Creed did a great job at making it work.

Original Vetiver has a ‘green’ quality to it, that is almost reminiscent of a mint note. While there is not actual mint in this scent to my knowledge, Vetiver, does create that illusion at times when I’m smelling it on my skin. Ultimately, the citrus and the minty illusion fall by the wayside and the vetiver takes center stage and never releases its grip. It’s such an utterly clean and invigorating scent, that seems to give you a slight energy boost when inhaled.

It’s quite a classic composition in this sense, once it’s settled, Original Vetiver is a fairly linear scent. That’s fine by me, as the soapiness of the fragrance, is crisp and masculine. I enjoy how it subtly lingers throughout the day but I will say that it strikes me as an ‘old time’ fragrance, like something that was worn by men decades ago, which may limit its appeal with some guys.

Projection wise, it’s not overly strong but I never felt it to be weak, either. You’ll know that Original Vetiver is there, though, it isn’t going to overwhelm. This fragrance has very good longevity and I get a full day’s wear out of it. Most all, Creed scents will give you this type of performance, as they are typically so well crafted.

Seasonally, I would wear this at any time except for the height of summer. It doesn’t strike me as having a summery vibe and I’m not particularly convinced that it would perform well with heat and high humidity. Original Vetiver is also a business or business casual kind of fragrance. Not something that would be worn out to a club or perhaps not even a date (but it won’t totally be out of place in that instance).

Overall, would I recommend Original Vetiver? Yes, provided you’re a fan of vetiver, want a ‘classic’ clean/soapy fragrance, and prefer subtlety over extreme power. Original Vetiver is very attractive on the whole with a green and masculine aroma that could find a place as a daily wear for a lot of guys.