Perry Ellis 360 Red Men’s Cologne Review

It is important to note that not all worthwhile fragrances are super expensive or even moderately priced. Sure, the cheaper scents tend to use more synthetic ingredients and are generally less complex and more linear but that doesn’t preclude some from smelling quite good. Today, I want to review one such cologne, 360 Red by Perry Ellis. In this post, I want to give my impressions of it and see just what makes it a potential buy. Also see: 360 Red vs Nautica Voyage



Notes include: bergamot, cinnamon, lime, orange, lavender, spices


360 Red gets a lot of attention for being in the opinion of some, an Acqua Di Gio clone.  I definitely notice the similarities between these two scents but I think 360 Red’s citrus notes are stronger and more defined than they are in Acqua Di Gio. It’s only right that they smell similar judging by the overlapping of some of each cologne’s notes.

However, I don’t want to get bogged down in comparison with an Armani fragrance when 360 Red presents an interesting fragrance at a fraction of the cost. The opening is a pretty intense burst of mostly lemon and lime notes which exudes freshness right from the start. Now, it can be kind of overpowering at first but 360 Red settles down nicely and develops much more character as it wears on.

As it settles down, the spicier notes begin to flourish. Again, this isn’t an overwhelming spice, rather, something that is smooth (sort of peppery) and envelops a definite warmth. This is definitely an attractive fragrance and one with just a hint of cinnamon to give a unique distinction.

Longevity wise, this one is a performer. Seriously, for the price, it’s pretty much an all day scent in most circumstances. Projection is moderate to very good. It’s not a heavy or overwhelming scent but you’ll notice it on you for sure.

Do I think 360 Red is worth a purchase? Yes, it is a great value pick and if you like Acqua Di Gio or similar scents, you might as well save some money and get this and a bottle of something else for the same price.