Polo Black by Ralph Lauren Men’s Cologne Review

For my review today, I want to tackle Polo Black by Ralph Lauren. This men’s cologne was released in 2005 and has enjoyed some decent popularity ever since. As usual, I will explore what it smells like, how it performs, when it should be worn, and whether or not I think it’s worth a purchase.


Notes include:  mango, sandalwood, tonka bean, tangerine, sage, lemon, patchouli

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The opening of Polo Black features a striking mango note that is accompanied by an underlying woodsy spice provided by the patchouli and sage notes. This is a fruity type of aroma but it isn’t really sweet like some other tropical noted scents out there. It takes a different tact from Polo Double Black, which I previously reviewed, and sticks to being a much brighter fragrance than the darker coffee and spice of its flanker scent. I really find it interesting, how the sage plays off of the mango, which is itself a pretty unique choice for a fruit note in a men’s cologne.

During the dry down period, the woodsy notes begin to take more prominence. The smooth and familiar sandalwood note comes through and I can detect the tonka bean as well, which is one of my favorite notes.  Also, the lemon and tangerine are there which gives the top layer an added citrusy zest to it, which is nice but isn’t the main attraction.

Polo Black is a moderate type of fragrance with good projection but it isn’t really great in that regard. The longevity is also moderate, it is usually better than Double Black, which only lasts 4-5 hours on my skin. However, Black isn’t a beast in terms of its use, for me at least. Six or seven hours, maybe.

The neat thing about this fragrance is that it kind of is a year round scent. It works in the summertime pretty well but can also be worn (and is better) in the fall and winter months. I’d say this scent is like a ‘dressy’ casual, in that, it works well for work and school but it can be worn out if need be. It does have some pretty nice versatility.

Overall, I do think that this is a really good effort from Polo. I wish the projection and longevity were better (maybe, an intense version that Double Black should have been) but for what it is, this is a nice cologne. It smells great and does have a unique enough feel for guys who want to stand out a bit from the crowd.