Polo Black vs Polo Blue Cologne Comparison

In this post, I’d like to do another cologne comparison between two scents from the Ralph Lauren line, Polo Black and Polo Blue. These are two of the more popular scents from Polo and seem to be common foes in terms of choice, even though they are quite different fragrances. Anyways, I’m going to break down how each one smells, performs, when they should be worn, and which of these is a better buy in my opinion.



Polo Black Tale of the Tape

Notes include:  mango, sandalwood, tonka bean, tangerine, sage, lemon, patchouli

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Polo Blue Tale of the Tape

Notes include: amber, melon, patchouli, geranium, cucumber, tangerine, moss, musk

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Polo Black is noticeably fruity from the start. Now, this isn’t a very sweet type of fruity smell (think dried fruit pieces), the mango note is prominent from the get go but it does have a spicier profile at the start. It also feels much ‘brighter’ as a fragrance than does Polo Blue. Blue is a fresh and crisp use of cucumber and suede notes with a distinct aquatic profile. Blue is a much colder scent than is Black. Polo Black doesn’t really conform to its name with it use of citrus notes and a much more interesting aroma in my opinion.

Edge: Polo Black



Both are fairly moderate scents and I really don’t notice a difference between the two in this regard.

Edge: Push



Black is decent and actually slightly better than its flanker fragrance, Double Black. Black can get you 6+ hours of wear but not all that much beyond that. Blue, on the other hand, is good for 7-8 hours and has the edge in this category.

Edge: Blue



Both of these colognes are great for casual wear in both school and the office. Neither is really a date night or club type of fragrance, though, they wouldn’t be totally out of place either. However, Polo Blue is mostly just a warm weather scent while Black can function well in pretty much any climate (probably except extreme heat and humidity) and can fit in even during summertime.

Edge: Black


Overall Scent

I like Polo Black better. Blue has always felt really generic to me, though, I do like the way it smells. If you want more of an aquatic scent, go with Blue (actually, I’d personally go with Polo Sport from the Ralph Lauren line, if I wanted that type of scent). Black is a very nice scent and even if the longevity isn’t quite as good as Blue, I still think that it is a superior fragrance in terms of smell. It has the right balance of unique fruitiness, spice, and a woodsy heart. It isn’t an overwhelming and definitive win for Black but I do think that it has more advantages.

Winner: Polo Black