Polo Black vs Polo Double Black Cologne Comparison

For this fragrance comparison, I want to take a closer look at two scents from the house of Ralph Lauren, Polo Black and its flanker Double Black. It is interesting that with a name like Black, that the original of the two was much more of a fruity fragrance than anything dark. Double Black retained a piece of Polo Black but took things in a different direction. Now, which one smells better? Which performs better? When should they be worn? Continue below for the complete analysis.


Polo Black Tale of the Tape

Notes include:  mango, sandalwood, tonka bean, tangerine, sage, lemon, patchouli

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Polo Double Black Tale of the Tape

Notes include: coffee, mango, juniper berry, nutmeg, cardamom, pepper, woods

Polo Double Black

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From the opening smell, it becomes clear that while these two colognes are related, they provide completely distinct experiences from one another. Polo Black is noticeably fruity from the start. Now, this isn’t a very sweet type of fruity smell (think dried fruit pieces), the mango note is prominent from the get go but it does have a spicier profile at the start. Double Black also contains the mango note, though, it is a background player and from the start it is a spicy/smooth blend of pepper and coffee. Polo Black also has citrus notes which gives it that extra bit of something, that sets it apart at the opening.

Edge: Black (slightly)



Both of these scents are moderate and while they do a decent job of projecting at the start, it isn’t a sustained output throughout the wear. I think due to the blend of the tonka bean, coffee, and pepper, that Double Black might have a slight edge in this respect. At least that’s the case for the first hour or two.

Edge: Double Black



With a name like Double Black, you’d think that this fragrance would be all about longevity. It’s not. I tend to get 4-5 hours of wear out of Double Black, which is disappointing. Polo Black is usually about the same but it can get an extra few hours, squeezed out of its lifespan, sometimes.

Edge: Black (slightly)



Both scents are safe and very nice choices for casual wear. I think the difference comes into the seasonal use of each. Double Black is well suited for fall/winter type of wear. Meanwhile, Polo Black is almost like a year round scent, in that, it performs quite nicely in each…including the warmth of summer.

Edge: Black


Overall Scent

I really warmed up to Double Black more and more, as I got through my sample of it. I’m a fan of tonka bean scents and this one also has a gourmand edge with the coffee, a spice with pepper, and enough sweetness to fully round out the scent. I like wearing Double Black. However, Polo Black is a little bit better smelling and my opinion and has enough of an edge performance wise to merit a victory. Its fruity notes are really unique and well done plus it has a woodsy heart, that helps it maintain a masculine vibe. Neither one hits it out of the park, but, Polo Black is a very good cologne, that is hit or miss on longevity at times.

Winner: Polo Black