Polo Blue Eau de Parfum Review

I couldn’t remember exactly why I had ordered a sample of Polo Blue. After all, I’d already used it before and reviewed it on this site: here. Eventually, I pulled it back out of the box and it dawned on me that I had done so because this was the Eau de Parfum version of the fragrance and not the original release that I’d already went over. Cool. I was excited to see if there were many differences between this EDP version and the original Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren. ¬†As usual, I want to cover how it smells, performs, when it should be worn, and if it is worth a buy or not.

polo blue edp

Notes include: suede, bergamot, cardamom, basil, sea notes, sage, vetiver, woods

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I haven’t smelled the original Polo Blue in a while and only have a slight memory of how it was, so I also have to rely on my posted review to make comparisons between the two. However, this EDP, definitely feels different. Actually, the opening really reminds me of Acqua Di Gio Profumo, because of the citrus aroma provided by the bergamot. I still have a sample of that Armani scent and it does share the bergamot, aquatic notes, sage, and patchouli with Polo Blue EDP.

That’s what this fragrance is to me, a blend of Acqua Di Gio Profumo and the original Polo Blue. You would of course have to minus the melon and cucumber notes from the Polo Blue original but that is essentially what this EDP is. Honestly, I like it. It’s not super exciting but I do think that it is better than the original, which I thought smelled nice but was just bland as hell.

Polo Blue EDP once it settles down, loses a bit of the similarity it shares with ADG Profumo, and begins to emerge more as the original Blue but with more defined notes. It’s second half takes on a smoother aquatic/woodsy feel with the sea notes and suede, that is noticeably boosted in this version.

Projection wise, it’s pretty good. Not overly loud but not a skin scent either. On the longevity end, it might be a little bit better than the original but really, not by much. It’s definitely in the realm of average, in that regard. I would say that this is a good casual wear for warmer weather and not much of a club or date night scent. Although, I think it’d be okay for the latter.

Overall, is Polo Blue Eau de Parfum a buy? It is better than the original, in my opinion. So, if you liked that, then think of this as an upgrade. It does everything well and as a casual scent, I don’t think you could go wrong owning this one. It’s pleasant and should garner complements, which is essentially everything most guys want from a fragrance. If you don’t like aquatics or citrus based scents, you should probably look elsewhere.