Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren Cologne Review

I have sort of a soft spot for the line of Polo fragrances, Polo Sport was one of the first colognes that I tried when I was younger, and honestly still enjoy to this day. I also really enjoy the fashion line Ralph Lauren has created, as even if I don’t want to have my whole wardrobe look like the preppy or sailing type, I still like to mix and match some of the brand’s iconic menswear into my own personal style. So, after trying a fragrance like Polo Red, I decided that I should try out Polo Blue as well and give my opinion on it.

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Notes include: amber, melon, patchouli, geranium, cucumber, tangerine, moss, musk



My initial impression of this scent was immediately how fresh it was. I could really detect the cool aquatic notes and it did conjure up ideas of the color blue in my mind. It was really great to wear on a warm summer day, however, I also think that it would work very well during the colder months because of the second wave of warm and slightly spicy notes.

The notes do sort of transform from very clean and crisp into something that is warmer and more sensual. While it does have plenty of fruit notes, this never becomes anything girly, and I would say it’s wholly masculine. The woodsy notes anchor Polo Blue and don’t allow it to become a light and airy fragrance.

I would say that its projection is moderate. It’s not the type of cologne which will overwhelm with just a few sprays but it is by no means a weak one either. It has good to very good longevity, as I get through an entire work day and can still detect it before I shower at night (unless I went to the gym beforehand).

Overall, I do recommend Polo Blue. It’s by no means my favorite but I recognize that it is a really good daily wear choice for guys. It’s sexy, performs well, is versatile, and draws complements. Is it some super amazing scent that is completely unique and could become a signature wear? Probably not but it does what it does well and I think that is more than enough for the general population of fragrance shoppers.