Polo Red Extreme by Ralph Lauren Cologne Review

So, here we are for yet another cologne review from the Polo line of scents. While, I enjoy a lot of the fragrances from this brand, my biggest complaint is how many of them have mediocre longevity…including a favorite of mine, Polo Red. Now for this third incarnation of the ‘Red’ line of scents, Polo introduces us to Red Extreme here in 2017. In this review, I’m going to cover how it smells, performs, when it should be worn, and whether or not I think it is worth a purchase.



Notes include: blood orange, coffee, ebony wood

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I was excited that a new Polo Red fragrance had come out and jumped at the chance to try it. I enjoyed both the original Red and Red Intense, even though they could both be lacking in the longevity department. Now, there is overlap between all three of these fragrances but I’d say that Extreme is the most unique of the bunch. It also shares more qualities with Red Intense than it does the original, due to the coffee note being prominent.

I have only been able to find out three of the notes in this cologne and they are of course the most noticeable. Coffee leads the way and it is tempered by a smooth and creamy feeling blood orange. Red Extreme is like an amalgamation of other scents, I get, Polo Red Intense plus Rochas Man, and something else (Luna Rossa Sport? Maybe? It’s been so long since I’ve smelled that). That being said Extreme seems familiar enough while being its own independent experience.

Side by side with the original Polo Red, I do think that this also might have a hint of the cranberry note, because there is a definite similarity. Red Extreme does have that same fruity vibe but it is much darker, smokier, and bolder than the previous two colognes. Extreme is very energetic and sporty in a completely masculine way.

Longevity wise, finalllyyyyyy…they made a Red cologne with some really good longevity. Red Intense wasn’t bad in this regard by Red Extreme is bordering on excellent. This is an all day kind of wear but doesn’t hit the same length as something such as One Million. In terms of projection, this stuff is fairly strong, and can be too much if you over spray but one or two spritzes should be enough.

I think Polo Red Extreme is quite a versatile cologne. I can imagine wearing this anywhere, as it wouldn’t feel out of place at work or out on a date. I want to say its geared more towards spring or winter but I do get a definite summer appeal with this one. Now, I cannot say if it will hold up well in the heat, but it seems like it could.

Overall, would I say Red Extreme is a buy? Yes, I am digging it. If you were a fan of the previous Polo Red scents, you’ll probably be into this one as well. If you don’t like sweet or coffee scents, then, probably avoid this one. I think that Ralph Lauren finally nailed this concept and produced a versatile cologne with good performance. It’s not the most amazing scent ever created but I think it is very appealing.