Polo Red Intense vs Polo Red Cologne Comparison

All right, it’s finally time for my comparison between Polo Red and its flanker fragrance, Polo Red Intense. I’ve been wanting to do this post for a long while and now have gotten around to giving both a fair shake. In this post, I am going to present how each fragrance smells, how it performs, and which one is the better option between them. Has Polo Ralph Lauren outdone the original Red?


Polo Red Tale of the Tape


Notes of Polo Red: grapefruit, italian lemon, cranberry,amber,coffee, saffron, sage, redwood

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Polo Red Intense Tale of the Tape


Notes include: cranberry, grapefruit, coffee, leather, amber, lavender, saffron, ginger, sage, and lemon

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Obviously, these scents are very similar to one another since we are comparing the original with the intense version. However, there are some noticeable differences from the start. First, Red Intense does its job at first, by being more loud and having better projection than the original. Both scents share the sweet candy-like warmth of cranberry, grapefruit, and amber notes which I really enjoy. Red Intense also has a noticeable leather note and ginger which becomes more prominent as it wears on. I like the Intense version here, as it has taken something great, and made it darker and perhaps more interesting. (Edit: Polo has released Polo Red Extreme, which I reviewed and gives you a third option..and possibly the best of the bunch)

Edge: Intense



Again, the Intense version wins (as it should), it does a much better job from the start projecting itself and not being on the weaker side of things like Polo Red. I should note that while Polo Red Intense is heavier than the original, it isn’t really a beast itself. In fact, it loses some of it’s initial luster after 30-45 minutes.

Edge: Intense



This has always been my biggest qualm with Polo Red, its longevity. I love the smell but it can be such a short lived scent, which is really disappointing. Polo Red Intense is better in this department but it hasn’t been an insane type of wear either. I’d say it’s in the moderate range but provides pretty solid wear.

Edge: Intense



Pretty much the same in terms of when you can wear it, where, etc.

Edge: Push


Overall Scent

I’m a fan of the original Polo Red, I just hated it longevity issues. Polo Red Intense improves upon that while keeping mostly true to the original. Intense is a darker and spicier cologne, with the ginger note providing a nice touch an hour or so in. Polo Red is a very sweet, warm cologne, with woody undertones while Intense amps the cranberry note up and then brings in ginger and a masculine leather. All in all it’s very well done and sexy. I’ve got to give the ultimate nod to Polo Red Intense.

Winner: Polo Red Intense