Polo Red by Ralph Lauren Cologne Review

Ralph Lauren has become synonymous with American style. The companies’ designs are clean, classic, and often times colorful. Beyond the world of clothing, Ralph Lauren Polo enjoys also enjoys great success in the fragrance realm. For decades now, the firm has put out colognes and perfumes that perform and smell great. Today, I would like to review one of these fragrances, Polo Red which is one of the latest colognes that it has produced and one of my favorites in all honesty.

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polo red

Notes include: grapefruit, italian lemon, cranberry, saffron, sage


Sweet, warm, with spice is how I would describe this fragrance in short. This is not a girly type of sweetness like candy or something, rather, the citrus notes produce an alluring scent rooted in the masculine. I think that there is a certain energy that comes with smelling Polo Red, sort of a refreshing blast that transitions into a moderate fragrance enveloped in a warm glow. It is a seductive cologne which maintains a classy air, subtle yet one which the ladies are sure to enjoy.

The Italian lemon note, I think, adds a different kind of feeling from many other colognes on the market. Versace Eros, also has Italian lemon as one of its notes and the two are somewhat similar, though Eros has a much heavier projection and woodsy feel to it. Anyways, the amber note helps to bring out a further effect of sweetness but it is also what help gives it its warmth.

Projection wise, Polo Red starts off somewhat intensely for me, before it settles down quite a bit into a subtle and moderate fragrance. Some people report that the longevity is a problem but I find it to be so-so in that regard. (2017 Update: Polo has now released Polo Red Extreme, which while different in some ways, is much better in terms of performance. Click the link to read my review of this new scent). Some days, it feels like it lasts quite adequately while other times it gives out too quickly. I’ve tried out doubling up on how much I apply and this works well to boost the longevity. You don’t need to go overboard but a little more wouldn’t hurt.  This definitely isn’t a heavy scent but it does provide a light freshness that is really good in my opinion. I like this one for the spring and summer months mostly, although it wouldn’t feel completely out of place during other months of the year. It’s just best served as a casual fragrance for the warmer months and could also be worn for a date or something such as that.

Is Polo Red a good cologne? Yes. I really like this fragrance and it seems that others do as well. It can be somewhat pricey and as such I think it should have better longevity. However, if one grabs a small 0.5 oz bottle for cheap, it would be worth it to wear now and again. They did just release Polo Red Intense which amps up the qualities of this fragrance but I have yet to try it (Update here is my comparison: Red vs. Intense). Good stuff, but it might be worth getting the Intense version instead now.