Prada Candy Ladies Perfume Review

Another sample perfume, that I got with my last Macy’s order, is Candy by Prada. This sweet gourmand fragrance was released in 2011. How does this one stack up? What does it smell like? How does Prada Candy perform? Please continue reading below for my full review.


Notes include: caramel, musk, and benzoin

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The opening of Candy, is of course candy-like in its presentation. The caramel note reminds me of BonBon, which is another sweet fragrance that includes caramel and fruit notes. Prada Candy has that same caramel but opts to go with a musk and benzoin combination instead of the citrus.

Anyways, Candy is warm, sweet, and slightly salty. The benzoin note provides that unique, somewhat vanilla-like aroma, that I have enjoyed in cologne such as Body Kouros. Prada Candy seems darker and more sophisticated than does Bonbon, which might be a nice change of pace for those looking for a sweet fragrance that isn’t too girly and for the younger crowd (not that Bonbon, necessarily is, either).

As it dries down, I get less of the caramel note, and an increase in the benzoin/musk. Prada Candy is a pretty straightforward perfume, while it is well put together, it isn’t super complex. The musk provides a slight spiciness to help offset the sweetness and the whole fragrance feels understated.

Projection wise, Prada Candy is a fairly light perfume. It is low key and won’t take over a room, which is a good thing, for a sweet scent like this. The longevity is good however, I was experiencing 6-7 hours with it. While that isn’t amazing by any stretch of the imagination, it isn’t one that appears to quit too early.

Prada Candy is a cold weather scent but it does have versatility to be worn for pretty much any occasion. So, while in the spring/summer, you’ll probably have to go with another fragrance; Candy will be an anytime scent for the rest of the year. I find it to be attractive and sexy enough to be worn on a date, it’s subtle, and inviting.

Overall, do I think Prada Candy is worth a buy? Yes. I don’t think it’s the most amazing fragrance ever, but it is damn good for what it is. If you don’t like sweet or caramel, then, avoid this one. However, if you want a nice autumn or wintertime fragrance, then Candy is definitely worth considering.