Prada Luna Rossa Sport Cologne Review

This is the first time that I have gotten to a Prada fragrance on this site.  No particular reason for that but I really wanted to write about this fragrance because it caught my attention. When I saw the name, I must admit that I thought it would be a different type of fragrance profile…you know, something ‘sporty’ or outdoorsy but it was something else all together. Continue reading below for my full take and breakdown of Luna Rossa Sport.



Notes include: Vanilla, juniper berry, ginger, lavender, and tonka bean

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The first thing that I really noticed about this scent was how sweet and clean it was. I really dug the opening of the tonka bean with just an underlying hint of vanilla, which really begins to emerge later. It’s got a powdery scent to it, but unlike something such as Joop!, it isn’t accompanied by a heavier spice. It’s a sweeter and more airy scent like Kouros Body (again without the spice) or Eros by Versace (without the heaviness). While the opening is delicious and reminiscent of other fragrances, I think its unique qualities emerge with time.

Again, this isn’t a sporty scent in the usual sense of the word, I would categorize it as a sexy and versatile fragrance. You could definitely wear this out on a date or to the office or school.  Although it does have a light marine/aquatic  sensibility to it, I wouldn’t say it’s a good summer scent. Winter or fall would be best in my opinion.

It has a good longevity, however, the projection isn’t all that impressive. It starts out solidly then begins to fade in that regard. Overall, it is a really nice cologne and there is something about it that kept drawing me back for another sniff. Probably the lavender and tonka bean. Anyways, I do like this cologne and would recommend it. It can be on the pricey side, so if that is an issue you might want to look elsewhere as there are better options in this price range. Though, I don’t think this is a bad bet at all and wouldn’t mind wearing this again.