Royal Mayfair by Creed Fragrance Review

Today, I’m going to cover yet another unisex fragrance by Creed, Royal Mayfair. This is a scent that I haven’t had any experience with so I was curious to see what it’s all about and how it stacks up versus other Creed offerings. As usual, I’m going to go over what’s inside, how it smells, how it performs, when it should be worn, and if it’s actually worth getting.


Notes include: gin, lime, eucalyptus, pine, rose, cedar

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The opening of Royal Mayfair seems pretty harsh at first, with a pungent pine note mixed with gin (which is also loud) and eucalyptus. It’s quite odd to me, having a pine note come out of the gates like that, but it does settle down after that. The eucalyptus note is soothing and it kind of reminds me of a brand of hand lotion that I cannot recall the name of at this moment.

The rose note feels very ‘green’ to me and the pine note only adds to that to give Royal Mayfair a woodsy/outdoor aroma. How one feels about that will depend on your personal taste, I find it to be okay, and at this point I begin to think that this one doesn’t really fit my style.

While this is listed as a unisex fragrance, the rose and eucalyptus, make this fragrance veer more towards the feminine side of things, in my opinion. It’s not super girly or anything but the floral and greenery do give it that sort of feeling. I will say that Royal Mayfair is quite a smooth scent and very well blended like many Creed fragrances. The cedar note is the stabilizer of this fragrance, it provides the woody heart, that allows the other notes to successfully play off one another.

Projection wise, Royal Mayfair is pretty moderate, outside of that initial strong blast. It does however, have really good longevity. At one point, I was washing it off of my skin, and had to go back and scrub for a second time because it was still out in full force.

This is a spring/summer fragrance, that fits best into casual or dressed up daytime occasions. It doesn’t strike me a romantic or a nightlife scent in the slightest.

Is it worth a buy? For me, no, but that doesn’t make it a ‘bad’ fragrance. It’s not bad. It just so happens to contain notes that I don’t personally enjoy very much: rose, pine, and eucalyptus. However, there are plenty of people who love that sort of thing. It’s a well made fragrance that gives good performance, so if that’s your thing and you’ve got the money…go for it.