Sauvage by Christian Dior Cologne Review

In the world of fragrance, it is often an exciting event when Christian Dior releases a new cologne for men. After all, this is a brand which has come out with some absolutely amazing scents in the past and has a long history of creating winners for guy’s who enjoy a sophisticated scent. Recently, they have released a new fragrance, Sauvage, which features an ad campaign starring Johnny Depp. In this post, I want to give some of my thoughts about this new cologne and whether or not it lives up to the name of Dior.


Notes include: Bergamot, Ambroxan, Sichuan Pepper

By now, one has probably seen the magazine adverts or the short ‘film’ starring Johnny Depp, in the media blitz before this fragrance’s release. This cologne is definitely a mass market affair, however, that doesn’t mean that it is a terrible cologne. In fact, I rather enjoy the scent even it is 100% unique in it’s scent or even if it can become a signature cologne for a guy.

The composition is rather simplistic yet definitely delivers the masculine vibe that the designer was going for. The ambergris derivative , Ambroxan, is quite noticeable and gives Sauvage a solid foundation from which to present itself. It is clean, fresh, and inviting with a warm and spicy kick delivered by the Sichuan pepper note.

While it is warm and has that underlying spice, there is a certain woodiness which helps to further the raw masculinity which comes through in this scent. It is a very pleasant experience, though, it does draw reminders of other colognes I have smelt in the past. So, I can’t really reward it points on a factor of uniqueness.

Sauvage is a fragrance for the warmer months and it did very well on a hot day here. It seems like it should have been released before the summer season and not after because I don’t get a cold weather aura from it at all. It has a moderate projection, in that it doesn’t overpower but it seemed to hold up fairly well on my skin for maybe 6-7 hours so the longevity is at least decent as well.

Overall, I think this is a very solid cologne but nothing all that special. It is a good choice as an everyday wear during the late spring and summer and was a nice experience to wear. However, as I’ve said, it won’t stand out from the pack really and for the price there are much better options but Sauvage is a good fragrance…but for some people good won’t be quite good enough for a purchase.