Dior Sauvage vs Versace Eros Cologne Comparison

In this edition of the cologne comparisons, that I have posted on the site, we have a competition between two of the best selling scents on the market right now. Those being, Sauvage by Christian Dior and Versace Eros. Which of these two men’s fragrances smells the best? Which is the top performer? Which one has more versatile of use? Please continue below for my full take and comparison.



Tale of the Tape

Versace Eros

Notes of Eros: mint, green apple, tonka bean, madagascar vanilla, vetiver, Italian lemon

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My original Versace Eros Review



Notes of Sauvage: bergamot, ambroxan, lavender, pepper, wood notes

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My Original Sauvage Review




The opening of Sauvage gives off an aroma of amber, pepper, and the sharp bergamot note. There is a bit of spice to it but I do get a lot of the ambroxan. It’s nice and dries down to a clean/soapy scent with some slightly spice wood notes and the ever present bergamot.

Eros, is an absolute beast from the start. The main players at the beginning are the mint, tonka bean, and vanilla. The green apple and lemon provide support and give Eros that juicy/gourmand quality. I think the mint is done very well and doesn’t overpower the composition, for my nose, at least.

Eros is a very sweet kind of scent, while Sauvage lacks all of that. I think that Eros is much more interesting and has a better scent.

Edge: Eros



Versace Eros is quite a heavy scent and loud as all hell. This of course, could scare some folks off from wanting to wear it, and that’s completely understandable. It’s one that I can enjoy and while I never wore it on a daily basis, I would limit it to one spray, if wearing it to work. Eros is just that kind of bold cologne.

Sauvage, upon further use, is a lot stronger than I had initially remembered. No, it’s not on the same level as Eros, but it is on the strong side of things. Not bad at all, just not Eros.

Edge: Eros


Eros wins here, it’s an all day and into the night kind of cologne.

However, Sauvage isn’t bad. The first time I reviewed this scent, I would get 6-7 hours of wear. Now, with a different bottle, I seem to get around 8. I don’t know, it could just be my body chemistry, but that is the range I get from Sauvage.

Edge: Eros



Sauvage isn’t a winter scent, in my opinion. Though, it wouldn’t perform badly, just kind of seem out of place. Meanwhile, Eros is very much a cold weather scent and becomes messy in the high heat. I think that this is where Sauvage has the edge, as a year round kind of cologne.

Both of these scents could work for any occasion. Just go lightly in the office or at school. As a club scent, I’d pick Eros, but I think Sauvage wins this category.

Edge: Sauvage


Overall Scent

These are both highly popular colognes. Neither one is bad in my opinion and they are actually quite different from one another. If you want something bold and sweet, go with Eros. If that’s not your thing, Sauvage might be a good choice. It’s a bright/fresh kind of cologne versus Eros’ gourmand sexiness.

It’s funny how many other scents have started to have Sauvage-like qualities, as this Dior release has grown in popularity (like Dylan Blue). However, I think that Sauvage is still better than all of its clone fragrances.

In the battle between these two, I think Versace Eros has the edge. I enjoy wearing it more than Sauvage, any day of the week, it has better performance, is more unique, and just plain smells better. Again, that’s not to say that Sauvage isn’t a good choice for some guys, it just wouldn’t be mine.

Winner: Eros