Si by Giorgio Armani Ladies Perfume Review

I’m still pouring through my Macy’s perfume samples and I’m about to order even more samples of other fragrances online soon. But until then, I am going to finish going through the 10+ perfumes and colognes that I have laying around the house, and do some reviews. Today’s entry is a popular women’s scent by Giorgio Armani, Si. In this post, I want to explore how it smells, performs, and whether or not I think that it is worth a buy.



Notes include: rose, vanilla, freesia, black currant, patchouli, amber, woods

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The opening blast of Si is a mix of the rose, black currant, and vanilla note. This creates a sweet and fruity aroma that is more akin to a synthetic or candy-like peach than anything else.  The rose is the most noticeable of the three for my nose and you can also detect the patchouli background, which intensifies as it wears on. The fruity/patchouli vibe reminds me of the men’s fragrance, Black XS, except it’s a peach smell instead of a lemon.

After a few minutes, the black currant becomes the main player, in my mind. The juicy berry fragrance is super sweet yet also beautiful and inviting. I kept wanting to smell this delicious aroma again and again. Si is more of a soft fragrance, so even with three sprays, it never felt as if it was going to overwhelm and choke me out.

After and hour or two, Si dries down into something that is more floral, woody, and powdery. It moves away from the complete sweetness but keeps the warm and slightly spicy scent of patchouli and amber. Si is a green floral scent at this point and remains so with support of the vanilla and black currant.

Projection wise, Si, isn’t that strong. However, that shouldn’t be mistaken for weakness because this one does actually perform quite well, it just isn’t an overpowering monster. This is a good thing for such a casual scent. Longevity seems to be in the 6-7 hour range, which is really solid but not anything crazy.

Si does have some versatility, it is safe enough to wear to work or school, but attractive enough to wear on a date. I would definitely enjoy smelling this scent on a woman. It also feels like it would work best being worn in cold to moderate temperatures. In the heat? Not so much. But pretty much any other time of the year except the height of summer.

Overall, is Si worth a purchase? Yes. This is a really great perfume from Armani. It’s juicy sweet and floral and the patchouli serves the fragrance. That’s important as patchouli can often swoop in and dominate the other notes. Si is also mature enough not to be confused with a teenager’s fragrance but chic enough not to move into grandma territory. This is an interesting and well-balanced scent which will appeal to a wide variety of women.