Spice & Wood by Creed Fragrance Review

I received three sample vials of Creed fragrances from the Royal Exclusive line of scents. I was interested in trying these fragrances out to see if any of them really lived up to the expensive nature of being such an ‘exclusive’ bottle of perfume. Today’s contestant is Spice & Wood, which wins in the most obvious title category, but does it live up to it’s high profile? In this post, I am going to share my experience wearing this Creed frag, how it smells, how it performs, and whether or not I think it is worth the money.


Notes include: bergamot, cedar, birch, musk, lemon, apple, pepper, oak moss


The opening of Spice & Wood is where I detect the citrus notes, particularly that familiar bergamot that is found in Aventus. It’s subtle, but it’s there. Then, of course, is the main attraction the wood and the spice. It should be noted that this fragrance is pretty damn linear, what you expect to get from the title, is exactly what you get throughout. Cedar, birch, and pepper with an underlying softness from the other notes.

Spice & Wood is a rather fresh fragrance, which is nice, as I thought that it could be a heavy type of woodsy scent but it is actually well done. It’s got a dry warmth and the spice is tempered and never a really heavy pepper note. The wood notes remind me of being in a cabin or ski lodge, very comfortable yet still outdoorsy.

The projection is okay on this one. It’s closer to a skin scent and is actually fairly soft, which is fine, but for the price point I was expecting something with a little bit more of a high profile. It’s longevity wasn’t great for me either. I’ve routinely sprayed twice in the same spot on my arm during my trial runs with this and while it’s detectable it’s mostly gone within a few hours. Not impressed.

This is a casual scent best used for the fall/winter months. I don’t see it as a date night fragrance nor a club type of scent. Very straightforward.

The one thing that I would like to point out is the pricing point. As a part of the Royal Exclusives line, Spice & Wood is even more expensive than the regular Creed fragrances. In fact, the 2.5 oz bottle is currently priced at $545. Of course, this limits the appeal of this scent to those who can afford it, but even if you can pony up the cash…do you really even want it?

Overall, I like this scent. It’s pleasant and smells good. Just at this price level, I really can’t recommend it. The performance is lackluster and unless you’re really a fan of spices and wood, the aroma is never Earth-shattering. There are plenty of better options than Spice & Wood and you don’t have to spend over $500 in the process. Honestly, I don’t see the point of owning this. Perhaps, it’s just a status type symbol, though I don’t know who it would impress exactly.