Terre d’Hermes Cologne Review

For the third entry of my new cologne sample reviews, I am going to turn my attention to Terre d’Hermes which was released by Hermes in 2006. This wasn’t the worst of the bunch but it was probably in the bottom half of the new samples I received (which weren’t very good). This is another brief review because I wasn’t really digging this fragrance.



Notes include: mineral note, Grapefruit, bay rose, pepper, geranium, Atlas cedar, benzoin, patchouli, vetiver, orange.

Current 1.7 oz price: $60.38

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Terre D’Hermes is a more mature fragrance that is presented as a classy and complex scent. This cologne is rather polarizing, as people seem to either love it or hate it. I’m more pointed towards the latter of the two camps. I had pretty high expectations as to what this fragrance would be and after I tried it I was really disappointed.

The opening is a woodsy note blended with citrus, a particularly strong orange smell. It’s a really earthy kind of scent and the orange is really bitter and not very pleasant. I really don’t like the opening at all, its too strong and the blend of orange and pepper isn’t really anything I’d like.

I think that the scent does settle down a bit after 15-20 minutes but it never really morphs into anything much better just less intense. The citrus dies down more and the spicy notes take the prime spot. It does project well and lasts long, so if this is a scent you actually do like, its worth the investment in that department. I’m not completely opposed to the dry down period (sort of like Aventus’, though, not nearly as good) but I think the opening and middle just isn’t very good. To each his own I guess.