Terre d’Hermes vs Creed Aventus Cologne Comparison

In this installment of my ongoing series of men’s fragrance comparisons, I want to tackle two relatively popular scents, Creed Aventus and Terre D’Hermes. I am going to break down each, see how they perform, and ultimately which I think is the better buy. Of course, fragrance is ultimately a subjective experience, so while I will share mine this may not hold true for someone else.



Creed Aventus Tale of the Tape

creed aventus

Notes of Creed Aventus: 

Top: Blackcurrant,Italian bergamot, French apples and pineapple

Middle: Rose, dry birch, Moroccan jasmine, and patchouli

Base Notes: musk, oak moss, ambergris, and vanilla.

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Terre D’Hermes Tale of the Tape


Notes include: mineral note, Grapefruit, bay rose, pepper, geranium, Atlas cedar, benzoin, patchouli, vetiver, orange.

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Gahhhhhh, this one is difficult. I’m not a fan of either fragrances opening. To me, Aventus is too harsh at the start, like lemon Pine Sol. On the other hand, Terre D’Hermes is rather earthy, with a strong orange note that is quite bitter. Which opening impression is better? Neither.

Edge: Push



Both of these colognes have really good projection. But I have to give the slight edge to the Creed scent. Though, Terre D’Hermes is by no means ‘weak’.

Edge: Aventus



Much like the projection, these two scents are really neck and neck. I get 7-10 hours from each cologne with no let down at all.

Edge: Push



I do think that Creed Aventus is best worn during the spring and summer months due to its citrus content. Terre D’Hermes, while it contains an orange note, is more earthy/smoky/woodsy in its presentation and would be best served as a autumn/winter type of fragrance. However, Aventus wouldn’t be entirely out of place in the cooler months of the year, while the Hermes cologne just wouldn’t hold up as a summertime scent.

Edge: Aventus


Overall Scent

While I’m not a fan of either one of these fragrances openings, I am a fan of Aventus overall while I’m none to hot on Terre D’Hermes. I absolutely hate the orange note in the Hermes scent, it’s bitter and struck me as sort of rotten. I know many people enjoy it but orange is just one of those notes that bother me when it’s prominent. I think it’s presented well in a inexpensive scent like Nautica Voyage but in Terre D’Hermes, it just bothers me. The dry down of the Hermes is much better than the opening but it just isn’t something that I am impressed with…just my opinion.

So, I think that Aventus is the better smelling cologne. However, if you want something with more of a mature spice, Terre D’Hermes might be worth a look. Also, price is a factor here too, Creed scents aren’t cheap.

Winner: Aventus