The Top Cologne Gift Sets for Christmas: Best Cologne Packs for Holidays 2014

When buying a gift for yourself or someone else it can be tough to narrow it down sometimes. This can be especially true when it comes to fragrances where you might not know which cologne or perfume to buy as a gift. Luckily, there are plenty of options for gift sets and variety packs which will make great additions to the style of the man in your life or for you personally. The following 7 options are my choices for  the Christmas/ Holiday Season 2014, as the best cologne gift sets for guys. Each of these sets not only have some great smelling cologne but will work with all types of personalities and styles. They are all linked to their page on, one of the leading fragrance retailers in the world.

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Burberry Variety Pack– This pack of five scents from Burberry allows men to try out some great scents without having to commit blindly to one. Each cologne comes in a .15 oz bottle and the set includes: Burberry Brit, Burberry Pour Homme, Touch, The Beat, and Burberry Sport. Current price: $41.99


Joop! Cologne & Aftershave Combo– Joop! is a great cologne to wear out for those who enjoy the nightlife. It is a full-bodied, masculine scent for guys who are not afraid to stand out and command attention. Notes include: exotic spice and florals, with woods, patchouli and honey. Current price for combo pack: $41.99


Giorgio Armani Variety Pack– I have written about the best Armani colognes here and this variety pack features this designer’s best work. The colognes included are: Armani Code, Emporio Diamonds, Armani, Acqua di Gio, and Attitude. Current price: $54.99


Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne/Shower Gel Set– Jean Paul Gaultier is an immensely popular fragrance for men that is fresh, warm, and sexy. It always seems to be a favorite of both men and women so be ready for the complements. Current price: $60.99

jean paul


Ralph Lauren Polo Big Pony Cologne Variety Pack–  Get a 0.5 oz size of all four Big Pony colognes from Polo. My favorite colognes are #3 and #4 but each of them are unique and will work for almost any man’s style. Current price: $46.99


Perry Ellis 360 Red Gift Set– Perry Ellis 360 Red is a great inexpensive cologne for younger guys. This set comes with cologne, after shave lotion, deodorant, and a mini spray. Current price: $35.99


Bvlgari Variety Pack– I have already written about the best Bvlgari colognes for men and this variety pack from this design house fits the bill nicely. Included in the pack are:  Aqua Marine, Blv, Aqua, Man, and Man Extreme. Current price: $44.99