Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts Cologne Review

I recently wrote a post about the best Tommy Hilfiger fragrances for men and on the list was Tommy Bahama’s Set Sail St. Barts. Tommy Bahama is a fashion and fragrance line that’s all about the beach and sailing type of lifestyle. It’s casual and laid back in its presentation, plus it has released some pretty great fragrances, at a price that is wholly affordable. In this post, I want to take a closer look at Set Sail St. Barts and determine if this cologne is worthy of a buy or not.



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Notes include: blue agavae, salty sea spray, musk, guava, lime, tequila, vanilla, palm wood

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I was really interested in trying out this fragrance because of the compilation of notes reminded me somewhat of Guerlain Homme, which I absolutely love wearing. Guerlain has a mojito accord which gives it that summery alcoholic drink vibe and the lime plus tequila notes in this Set Sail cologne struck me as a slightly different variation on that theme. Initially, one is struck by the lime note, as it is very potent at first and it is joined by a creamy almost coconut aroma that is less pronounced. The whole opening is very reminiscent of a margarita and the sensation of being on an island in the tropics.

The lime note settles down quite a bit after about 20 minutes or so and what is left behind is a fresh and delightful scent. I really detect the palm wood and sea salt spray during this second act. It’s like the opening is enjoying the margarita on the beach and then getting in the water yourself. Set Sail St. Barts really is one of those mood setting colognes, that will take your mind to the tropics, upon smelling this fragrance.

Now, while that lime notes is pretty potent at the start, it really isn’t an overwhelming cologne at all. I would say it is light to moderate and you might even want to test spray yourself a few times and see how it reacts, maybe then, deciding to apply another spray. Longevity is also pretty moderate but certainly not terrible at all.

Is this cologne a buy? It’s a summertime fragrance and will appeal to those who really like that summery/beach/island vibe. Look at the notes and if you’re not too crazy about the laid back margarita vibe, then this might be a pass for you. However, for those who are into that sort of thing, I would definitely recommend checking this out as a casual summer fragrance. It’s a fairly inexpensive and versatile choice for the hottest months of the year and really helps set the tropical tone.