Best Chanel Perfumes for Her: Top 6 Chanel Ladies Fragrances

Chanel is a luxury brand that has been around for almost 100 years now and it’s still going strong. It is not only famous for its designer fashions on the runway but also in the fragrance department. For this post, I have selected six Chanel perfumes which I consider to be the best of the bunch. I have linked each scent out to its page on Sephora for more info and ease of purchase.



Chance– A very nice blend of citrus notes such as lemon and pineapple to go along with floral notes and patchouli. It’s warm and inviting with a spicy kick to it.


Coco– Coco is another fragrance with a lot of warmth and spice to its scent. This perfume is best served in the crisp and cold months of fall and winter. Notes include coriander, rose, sandalwood, tonka bean, peach, amber, and cloves. The floral and peach notes give it a subtle sweetness that isn’t the usual perfume blast of ‘loud’ smelling fruits or sugary candy.


Chanel No. 5– A standard classic within ladies fragrances. Elegant, feminine, iconic and all stored within that famous bottle. Floral and woodsy upon the drydown and it can be a bit repulsive to some at first (or not work at all for their body chemistry). However, when it works and has had some time to develop on the skin, it is beautiful.


Coco Mademoiselle– A sweeter blend of citrus and floral notes that has enjoyed immense popularity since its release. It has an aura of femininity with a strong heart.


Chance Eau Tendre– Bright, fresh, and girly. Eau Tendre has a citrus base of grapefruit to go along with sweet floral notes.


Allure– Has a slightly exotic and oriental vibe to it. Smooth vanilla pairs with peach, orange, and bergamot. A very clean and sexy fragrance that lasts a long time and draws complements.