Top Donna Karan Perfumes: Best Smelling DKNY Ladies Fragrances

Donna Karan became a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world during the 1980s. Towards the end of the decade, she introduced the DKNY brand which provided a more affordable fashion and accessories line to the masses. Among the fashion houses many achievements are the lineup of fragrances for women. The four perfumes listed below are among the very best by Donna Karan and as always I have linked them out to where they can be purchased at a good price online.

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Be Delicious– This Donna Karan perfume is a very enjoyable sensory experience. It has a rich fruity and floral profile that gives off a playful and seductive energy throughout the day. Notes include: apple, violet, grapefruit, cucumber and more.


Cashmere Mist– Cashmere Mist is a bit more understated and refined than is Be Delicious. It’s a great casual fragrance that is light and clean, with floral notes and a hint of vanilla.


Be Delicious Eau So Intense– A different take on the Be Delicious concept. This one has more of a spiciness to it while still remaining clean, warm, and feminine. Still has the apple and grapefruit notes along with rose, lily of the valley and sandalwood.


Pure DKNY Verbena– Not an overwhelming scent, rather, a citrus blend that is subtle and memorable. A good addition for the late spring and summer months.