Top 6 Givenchy Ladies Fragrances: Best Smelling Perfumes

Givenchy (owned by LVMH) has a vast array of perfumes and colognes for both men and women. With such a large selection it can be hard to key in on which of those is the best option for your own personal style. With that in mind, I have selected six options from Givenchy which not only smell the best but will fit well with an individual personality better than others. As always, each choice is linked out to for more information and ease of purchase.

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Very Irresistible– A deliciously seductive fragrance by Givenchy. It blends rose and peony among other notes to create a long-lasting and beautiful affair which adds a bit of spice to the floral notes.


Ange Ou Demon– Offers some good versatility but it is best suited for evening wear. Notes of tonka bean, safron, ylang ylang, vanilla, and others.


Amarige– A uniquely classic scent from the early 1990s which features a fantastic mix of fruits, floral, and spicy notes.  It is a rich and layered fragrance which gives it an air of complexity and makes it ideal for a mature woman.


Ysatis– Spices and woods co-mingle and are softened by the floral notes. An interesting profile with amber, iris, vanilla, rose, and rum.


Hot Couture– This one is a really special fragrance that could become a signature perfume for the right lady. Its fruity notes give it a sweet smell which is pulled back some by the introduction of notes such as pepper, which adds some playful spice to the drydown. This one can help separate you from the pack and give your style and infusion of individuality.


Organza– A softer perfume than the others on this list. This is a great option for day to day wear and those who want something not too intense but highly feminine.