Best Smelling Lacoste Perfumes for Women: Top 4 Fragrances

Lacoste is a brand known for its historical roots in tennis and of course for that world famous polo shirt with the little alligator on the chest. However, it has expanded way beyond that into a complete fashion brand which naturally includes a perfume line. Lacoste does have some very good scents for both men and women available and in this post I want to put forth to you, the four best options for ladies from this French brand. As always, I have linked each perfume out to its page on Amazon for ease of purchase.


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Lacoste Touch Of Pink Eau De Toilette Spray for Women 3.0 fl.oz

Touch of Pink isn’t some stolid or heavy-scented mature fragrance. No, it is a clean and lively scent that projects a sexiness and youthful vibe that really grabs attention. Notes include: blood orange, jasmine, vanilla, coriander, cardamom, violet, and jasmine.


Lacoste Pour Femme Eau de Parfum for Women, 3.0 fl. oz.

The namesake of the brand, Pour Femme, is a noticeably feminine fragrance with plenty of floral notes and a hint of spice that helps bring it all together. This is a very good option for an everyday or signature fragrance.


Lacosté Love of Pink 3.0 fl. oz Eau de Toilette for Women

A bit of a different experience from Touch of Pink, this one changes up the notes a bit to include more woodsy/fruity scents, which help to give it a beautiful and unique profile.


Inspiration– This is a light and fresh scent, that, while airy is not weak and does have the ability to last far into the day. Pink pepper, mandarin orange, peony, vanilla, sandalwood, jasmine, and more.