Uomo By Ermenegildo Zegna Cologne Review

In this installment of my ever-running series of fragrance reviews on this site, I would like to take a closer look at Uomo by Ermenegildo Zegna. This is a cologne with a distinct citrus based aroma, which is something that any man could add to his collection for those warm summer days. The question remains, however, is Uomo the right cologne to perform in this particular niche? Well, follow below, as I relate my experience and impressions of this popular scent.


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Notes include: Citruses, violet leaves, cedar, bergamot, vetiver

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My initial impression of Uomo is how noticeable the citruses are upon opening. It’s not the same kind of strong citrus vibe that I get from something like Aventus, rather, Uomo has more of an aquatic character to it. It is a very clean scent and doesn’t have the same underlying spice of another scent in this sort of category, Acqua Di Gio. Uomo has a very smooth and bright opening scent, which really grabs one’s attention and provides a pleasant experience.

As time passes, the cedar note begins to emerge and gives Uomo a slightly woodsy scent which adds some character and doesn’t allow it to settle into just another boring aquatic. I also start to detect the violet note more and more as the scent matures on my skin. I really do like the scent more when it settles and has had some time to reveal itself, I wish I could say that about more fragrances but Uomo definitely passes that test.

This cologne has the additional benefit of being a good performer. I tried to wear it on warmer days, in these days, where the weather gets a bit wacky and jumps and drops 25 degrees in the span of a few days. Honestly, this one is really good in the heat. Uomo is best served as a spring and summertime cologne (though you can get away with some of the Fall, if you live in the right climate, like I do) but it stands up in temperatures where other fragrances wilt.

This Zegna scent is moderate to heavy in it’s sillage and projection. Personally, I would only go with 2 sprays and feel that is more than enough. It isn’t overbearing but I could see it could quickly be overused. I did get really good longevity out of it, 7-8 hours and it was still immediately noticeable. After that, it starts to fade but I can detect it at 9+ hours on some days.

Would I recommend this scent, overall? Yes. I think it is a fairly inexpensive and well-performing choice for a summertime aquatic. It both smells good and performs really well. Is it the most incredible scent ever? No, but it is really good at what it does and as such wouldn’t be a bad buy. I could definitely see it as a spring/summer choice for me on certain days to go along with something like Creed’s Millesime Imperial or of course my Guerlain on others.