Versace Bright Crystal Ladies Perfume Review

In an effort to satisfy a larger percentage of this site’s demographics, I thought that I’d begin to do more reviews of women’s perfumes. As a man, it can feel a bit out of place wearing something that is so overtly feminine, but some of these fragrances are just so pleasant that it works out in the end. In this post, I want to take a closer look at a scent from the house of Versace, Bright Crystal. I want to explore what makes up this perfumes, how it performs, how it smells, and whether or not it is worth getting a bottle. Please continue reading below for my full impressions.



Notes include: yuzo, peony, pomegranate, musk, magnolia, iced accord, lotus, amber

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The initial opening of Bright Crystal is a blast of juicy pomegranate, a citrus scent provided by the yuzo, and a heart of floral notes which provides it with balance. I totally get why the word ‘bright’ was added to the name because this perfume does have a very pleasant and upbeat kind of feel to it. Versace did a great job at not letting it become too floral or too fruity and instead let the juicy/aquatic elements gradually fade a bit into the background to provide Bright Crystal with that extra bit of something that makes it so attractive.

Out of the floral notes, I can detect the peony, most distinctly. The lotus note is also present but doesn’t come through as strong for me and the magnolia, I don’t really pick up at all. Maybe that’s just me? As Bright Crystal wore on my skin, I became more and more attracted to this scent. Frankly, I think its beautiful and never gets bogged down by being too complex.

Projection wise, it is a soft to moderate scent. It isn’t weak but it isn’t going to choke people out either. However, while it isn’t a heavy scent, it does last all day. In my testing of Bright Crystal, I got over 8 hours out of it and close to 10. This perfume could honestly be used on just about any occasion, I wouldn’t say it’s a ‘sexy’ fragrance, but it is very attractive and I wouldn’t mind smelling this on a woman at all.

Overall, Bright Crystal is a fantastic option for women who want something that is light, elegant, and pretty. I enjoy this Versace offering much more than Versus, which I actually liked and I think that it has a much more ‘universal’ appeal than some of the other fragrances on the market. I would rate Bright Crystal as a buy and its straightforward simplicity is one of its best attributes.