Versace Eros Cologne Review

In mythology, Eros was the God of Love. Perhaps it is fitting that a mythological deity who inspires love, should have a fragrance named after him. Italian fashion house, Versace, has a long history of producing fashionable and very well done colognes for men. Eros is one such cologne from Versace and it was introduced to the public in 2012. This has become one of my favorite scents from Versace, as it just strikes me as something so different from the rest of the line. In this post, I want to explore how this cologne smells, how it performs, when it should be worn, and whether or not it is a buy.


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versace eros

Notes of Eros: mint, green apple, tonka bean, madagascar vanilla, vetiver, Italian lemon

The first thing that one should know about Eros, is that it is a very strong fragrance. While there are plenty of others out there which you can wear many sprays and not offend, Eros is not among them. Which can be a good thing, as when you have to use less, the bottle itself will last for a longer period of time. However, let this serve as a warning to those who like to wear too much cologne, because while this smells great, too much of a good thing will have you repelling people left and right.

Eros is a cologne that yields a definite spiciness to how it projects itself. Yes, there are soothing smells such as green apple, mint, and vanilla that serve as undertones but overall its a masculine spice which will radiate from one’s skin. The mint note probably gives it the strongest sense of spiciness, as it is a dominate note in Eros’ presentation. It’s really a blend that is headed up by mint, vanilla, and tonka bean with the latter two notes helping to create that very rich warmth and ‘delicious’ flavor that this cologne becomes known for.

When it settles down a bit from that strong opening, the apple and Italian lemon notes come out a bit more than they had previously, which adds a layer of citric fruitiness to Eros. Some people find this cologne to be too sweet for their tastes and though I agree that it can be too much sometimes, I also find it to be very pleasing to wear when I’m in the mood for this Versace beast. Further on in the drydown period, I mostly get the vanilla and tonka notes, which is great since I tend to love wintertime fragrances that feature them. I actually find Eros to be at its best during this time, as it isn’t quite as loud as the opening, and feels more refined.

Beyond being just a strong cologne, Eros also tends to last a long time as well. Seriously, a few sprays will last all day on my skin and well into the evening. Eros is an absolute monster in terms of performance, in my experience with it. I like it best as a romantic or nightlife fragrance, I mean, you can wear it during the daytime but tread lightly in an office type environment. When I wore it casually to work, I’d put on only 1 spray and let it breathe some before heading into the office. I also wouldn’t wear this during the summertime and I don’t think it holds up well in the heat. This cologne is built for the cooler weather and it is absolutely beautiful during that time of year. Eros hangs so beautifully in the cold and envelops you in a warm and sweet cloud of fragrance that will have you wanting to catch a sniff of yourself all day.

Overall, I rather like Eros a lot as a cologne. I think it is one that will work great from the Fall to the early Spring because its spice and rich aroma will project well in the crisp air of those months. If you’re a guy who like layered scents that are wholly masculine, then Eros might be just what you’re looking for. If you don’t like sweetness, gourmand type of scents, or colognes that can be heavy…I would avoid Eros in that case. This is a bold and gaudy fragrance, that isn’t for the meek or those who are in the market for a moderate, year-round scent. It has a specific function in a cologne collection and Eros does what it does very well. It’s not for everybody but it is damn good.