Versace Pour Homme Cologne Review

Versace is a brand that I can have mixed feelings about. On the one hand, they have fragrances such as Eros¬†and Eau Fraiche, which I enjoy and then also have one’s such as Oud Noir, which I find repulsive. ¬†Recently, I received a sample of Versace Pour Homme, as it’s been a while since I’ve last smelled it and as such, I thought that I would go ahead and review it.

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Notes include: bergamot, bitter orange leaves, geranium, sage, oud wood, mineral amber, tonka bean, musk



Versace opens up with clean and citric quality that really captures one’s attention. The bergamot and bitter orange leaf notes are very prominent upon that initial smell and it stays that way on my skin for around 30 minutes. Also, the initial opening is much stronger than a short time later in its life cycle, so just be prepared for that. It was really strong on my skin for about an hour.

After the initial hour, the tonka and green/floral notes started to emerge more and balance out this fragrance. It’s ultimately a citrus based aquatic cologne, which based on your preferences may or may not be your thing. For me, I’m not too wild about a scent such as Versace Pour Homme. It doesn’t smell bad, but it really just isn’t my style.

When the cologne settles down, it becomes more of a moderate fragrance overall. It isn’t super long lasting, 5-6 hours for me, but that is usually adequate enough for most daily purposes. Versace Pour Homme is further limited by being a great summertime performer and not being all that appealing in cooler weather. However, even though it’s seasonal, it could still be a valuable addition to a man’s collection.

I like Versace, it’s just not the cologne for me. It doesn’t blow my socks off, but it does smell good. Girls seem to like it and for the right guy, it could be a very good option. It’s enjoyable and is usually a solid performer in the right weather, so it might be one you have to be willing to give it a shot.