Versace Versus for Women Perfume Review

When I received a shipment of cologne samples not too long ago, one of the vials that I ordered turned out to be a woman’s fragrance, Versace Versus. As such, rather than simply toss it our or give this sample away, I decided that I would wear it myself and post a review of this scent. Sure, I’m not the target demographic for this perfume but I still think I can adequately relate my experiences with it in this post.


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It seems that Versace reintroduced Versus again, after its initial run in the 1990s. I cannot seem to pin down exactly what notes are in this perfume, as I have seen multiple listings of ingredients. However, I do detect orange and other floral notes in its composition. Overall, I would classify this as a citrus/floral mix, which gives the perfume an overall brightness and a sharp quality to it.

Upon applying Versus, I first noticed that it hits pretty hard initially. The citrus notes have the most impact, right out of the gate, but it does settle down within an hour of use. Secondly, while I would characterize this scent as feminine, it isn’t ‘girly’ at all in my opinion. As a man, I feel like I can wear it and it wouldn’t feel completely out of place on me. It’s not totally unisex like something such as, CK One, but it does seem to skew the borders of unisex against the totally feminine.

I actually like this scent, as it has a nice and positive energy to it. I found that it turned more floral as time wore on but the citrus notes hung around and provided Versus with a clean heart. Also, I find that there is definitely a musk note in here as well, which adds some extra body to this perfume. Versus projects itself as a moderate fragrance after the initial application dies down a bit. I found that I got a good 6-8 hours of use out of it, on the days when I wore it as my primary fragrance.

Overall, I think that Versus is a very lovely perfume. It is both energetic and confident, which should bode well for use in casual situations. I think it smells wonderful but I wouldn’t say it’s a seductive perfume. As a man, I am definitely drawn to it, it is an alluring scent but not really sensual like some others would be. I’ve worn it on mild autumn days and found that it performed well but I think it would do better in slightly warmer weather…I don’t know about the depths of summer but definitely springtime. I give Versus a positive recommendation, though while it isn’t earth shattering, it’s a solid scent all around and may be worth checking out.