Very Irresistible by Givenchy Women’s Perfume Review

In this review, I am going to be taking a closer look at Very Irresistible by Givenchy. Now, I’ve already done a review of the men’s version of this fragrance, which was okay but really wasn’t my thing. As usual, I am going to cover how it smells, how it performs, when it should be worn, and whether or not it is worth a purchase.


Notes include: rose, peony, anise, verbena, magnolia

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I’m not that much of a fan of rose in fragrance, so when I do a review of perfumes with this flower as an ingredient, I try to be as fair as possible even when it doesn’t suit my personal tastes. That being said, I really like how rose is used in Givenchy’s Very Irresistible. I legitimately enjoy it and don’t have to force myself to give it a chance. This fragrance is blended very well and the rose is initially joined by the anise note which is vaguely reminiscent of men’s cologne, L’Homme Libre, though much less spicy.

Very Irresistible is a very floral scent to be sure. If that’s not your thing, I’d probably look elsewhere. The peony note is also a great complement to the rose and I think that it restrains the rose somewhat and doesn’t it let this fragrance just be a pure rose perfume. I just reviewed another floral scent, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, and I have to say that I definitely enjoy the Givenchy much more than that one. Very Irresistible has much more energy and vibrancy than does Daisy (which is also a good perfume) and I feel it is much more interesting overall.

Projection wise, I’d say that this one is moderate. I don’t feel that it is too heavy or overpowering but it does a solid job performing. While testing it out, I routinely got 7-8 hours of use out of this. This perfume doesn’t seem to have any problems sticking around.

I would say that this is best used during the springtime and early summer. It actually does seem to have some versatility in its use, either for casual or more romantic wear. I’d be more than happy to smell this on a woman that was on a date with, even if I tend to like sweeter gourmand fragrances, usually.

Is Very Irresistible worth a buy? Yes, provided that you enjoy floral perfumes. It has plenty of life and energy. Plus, it actually has good performance. It isn’t the usual ‘green’ or outdoorsy type of floral scent, that can feel stuffy and boring. This Givenchy scent does everything that you need a fragrance to do and doesn’t disappoint.