Very Irresistible by Givenchy Cologne Review

Givenchy has a wide range of colognes for men that are stylish and memorable. I recently received a sample of one of their more popular fragrances, Very Irresistible.  I have worn this cologne a bit lately and would like to use this post in order to share my thoughts and give my opinion on this fairly unique scent.


very irr

Notes include: Hazelnut, coffee, mint, grapefruit, sesame, and cedar

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The first thing that strikes me about this fragrance is how rich and enveloping it is. To me, it’s a pretty heavy scent but not in a way that will choke those around you, though, I wouldn’t put a ton of it on. What I detect most is the hazelnut and coffee notes, which is of course reminiscent of a hot cup of coffee in the morning. However, the mint note makes this take on a chocolatey/mocha scent that makes it fall into the gourmand category.

It is definitely a sweet cologne, yet, still retains a completely masculine vibe..probably aided by the woodsy cedar note. That rich and warm quality which I wrote about above really reminds me of Versace Eros. The two fragrances do not smell alike at all but I get that same kind of enveloping feeling with both of them. The most interesting aspect of the notes to me is the emergence of the grapefruit and mint. I am a fan of mint notes in cologne, see: Guerlain (love it!) and Le Male. The mint in Very Irresistible is wholly different from those two fragrances, as it takes on a much more woodsy/green quality…but it makes this Givenchy scent really pop.

It tones down quite a lot after maybe 20 minutes of wear and is actually somewhat moderate once you get to that stage. It’s such a dark and engaging fragrance that I believe it demands to be worn in the late fall and early wintertime. The sweetness, the greenness, and the gourmand aroma would really do well in that type of cooler environment.

With all that being said, would I recommend, Very Irresistible? I’d say that I would. However, I don’t think it is the right scent for everyone. I don’t feel that it is the right scent for me, I found it quite nice at first but after a while, I just couldn’t enjoy it anymore. It’s just way too rich for my tastes. If you are a fan of the gourmand type of fragrance and love a sweet/green type of scent, I would say this is a very good bet.