Virgin Island Water by Creed Fragrance Review

Within the box of sample fragrances, I recently received, were several fragrances by Creed which I had yet to review on the site. One of them, is the popular unisex summer fragrance, Virgin Island Water. This is a scent that screams time spent at the beach in some far flung tropical paradise. But, how does it perform? What does it smell like exactly? Is it actually worth the price of admission? Please continue reading below for my full take on Virgin Island Water, after wearing it.


Notes include: bergamot, lime, rum, sugar cane, coconut, ylang-ylang, and ginger

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Upon getting my sample of Virgin Island Water, I immediately wanted to do a side by side comparison with Set Sail St. Bart’s, due to the similarities with these fragrances. I have tried both fragrances before but never had them together at the same time. Virgin Island Water opens up with the lime and bergamot notes taking center stage, whereas the Tommy Bahama cologne is almost exclusively lime. The opening is where the two scents are the most similar, I like Virgin Island Water better as I feel the lime is less in your face and tempered by the other citrus note and the coconut hanging around in the background.

It’s really the lime note that allows St. Barts to temporarily pass as a VIW clone of sorts. The two scents also each have an alcohol note (tequila in St. Barts), which gives them another similar feel.

Anyways, the bergamot used in Virgin Island Water reminds me of it’s fellow Creed scent, Aventus. It really does blend well with the lime to create a beautiful citrus fusion. After about 10-15 minutes of wear the creamy coconut takes over as the top dog in this scent and VIW starts to feel more like a suntan lotion. It’s really like a sensory experience type of fragrance, it’s like being in the Caribbean on a beach with a drink in hand and a delicious smelling lotion covering your skin.

Projection wise, it’s okay. It’s not a super strong scent but you’ll know it’s there for the first few hours. It’s longevity is kind of meh, too. I’d say somewhere in the 4-6 hour range is what you can expect to get out of Virgin Island Water.

When should this scent be worn? Summer. That’s about it. It’s a very good warm/hot weather scent, which is a bit rarer, so I think that it serves this niche well. Also, it is a unisex fragrance, and honestly doesn’t seem to lean towards one end or the other. It’s a very balanced scent. I’d also say that this is a casual type of scent, I don’t think I’d be wearing it for any ‘serious’ functions or even a date.

Overall, is Virgin Island Water worth a purchase? I like the way it smells but I don’t know that I like it for the price that Creed fetches. It’s honestly not one of my favorite Creed fragrances, but it is good, so I wouldn’t tell anyone else to not buy it. Personally, Set Sail St. Barts, while not exactly the same and not as high quality…is cheaper enough in price that I could substitute it. I have a full bottle of the Tommy Bahama cologne, so having VIW seems like overkill, especially since it’s so limited to one season of the year. Plus, I’d wear this mostly while outdoors anyways, and with heat and perspiration, it’d be hard to tell the difference between the two.