Wanted by Azzaro Men’s Cologne Review

I recently sampled a fairly new fragrance release from 2016, Wanted by Azzaro. The bottle struck me as unique but also kind of lame, with it’s gun barrel shape and motif. Anyways, I don’t particularly care about the bottle, as long as the juice inside is attractive. With that in mind, I want to do my latest review of a cologne on this one from the house of Azzaro. As usual, I am going to cover what’s in it, how it smells, how it performs, when it should be worn, and whether or not I think that Wanted is worth a purchase.



Notes include: tonka bean, lemon, cardamom, vetiver, juniper, ginger, geranium, mint, amber wood

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The opening of Wanted provides a burst of the lemon note which is actually quite pleasant and not too overwhelming. Almost immediately, one is struck by how it resembles Paco Rabanne’s, Invictus. As well as a bit of the same lineage as Versace ErosThough, I would say it is different enough and also has a slight relation to due to the mint and tonka bean combination. That being said, I am actually digging Wanted more than I remember liking Invictus, as it seems more mature and refined. One thing that does sort of bother me with this scent, is how some notes smell particularly chemically synthetic, like in the way a candy flavoring doesn’t resemble the actual underlying scent that it is trying to replicate. It’s not bad or anything, just something I noticed.

My love of tonka bean is satisfied more as the scent progresses in it’s life cycle and is joined by a dash or apple and juniper berry that gives Wanted a lovely and smooth fruitiness. It all strikes me as fresh and only slightly spicy, as the ginger not only complements and never takes center stage for itself. While it does have the fruit notes as the main draw, Wanted remains completely masculine, and doesn’t stray into the unisex or women’s category. I think that it is bolstered by the woody and plant notes that play the background and keep the overall composition in check.

Projection wise, I didn’t find Wanted to be all that loud or heavy. It’s towards the strong side of things but not much more than moderate. People close by will be able to smell you but not across the room, unless you’re just pouring it on. Wanted surprisingly has good to great longevity. For something that isn’t overpowering, it sticks around. Not to the upper echelon levels of 12+ hours but 7-9 hours seems to be within range.

Wanted feels like a non-descript cologne, in that, I could see wearing it in almost any season (except maybe extreme heat) and it would still be appropriate for nearly any occasion. It’s quite fresh, clean, and attractive enough for a night out but not too crazy for the office. It has a nice balance in terms of its use.

Overall, do I like Wanted? I actually do. It’s not my favorite thing ever but I think that it does what it sets out to do well. It’s affordable, has a nice smell, and good performance. It’s not earth shattering but it gets the job done. I’d say if you’ve tried Invictus and hated it, stay away from Wanted. On the flip side, if you’re an Invictus fan, you might actually like this one more.