Woman by Ralph Lauren Perfume Review

I got a hold of a sample of the latest Ralph Lauren fragrance for ladies, entitled, Woman. This was a part of the ‘goody bag’ that Macy’s sent me when I bought a bottle of Ultra Male, which consisted of all female perfumes. As such, I just had to do a review on this scent, and see if they released something great or a complete dud. I will cover what notes it contains, how it smells, how it performs, and whether or not I think that Woman is worth a buy.


Notes include: black currant, tuberose, pear, rhubarb, sandalwood, orange blossom, hazlenut, rose

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From the opening spray, I really enjoy the aroma that Woman by Ralph Lauren gives off. I detect the pear note which when combined with the other initial stars of the show, has a shower-fresh and soapy quality to it. There is that fruity vibe lingering throughout the life of this perfume but it definitely becomes more of a white floral affair as it moves along.

The two main floral notes that I get from it are the tuberose and orange blossom. There is a rose note as well but it doesn’t seem all that prominent to my nose in this composition; it is there, however. The floral notes give Woman a fresh/outdoorsy/summery vibe and it is one that will brighten up a person’s mood.

Most of what you’re going to get from this perfume is revealed in the first 30 minutes or so of wear. As it gets further into things, the hazlenut and woody notes are detectable but they never were that strong in my opinion, I had to focus in on it pretty much to catch them.

Projection wise, it isn’t a bomb, but I do think it is fairly strong. I also sprayed it on an old t-shirt and could smell it while walking by and could catch whiffs while 6-8 feet away. The longevity is just okay, 5-6 hours seems to be the time frame for max performance, and possibly a few more hours as a skin scent.

This totally strikes me as a spring fragrance. It’s clean, bright, and feminine. The floral and fruit notes are vibrant and full of life, just like on a warm day. It would also do well in the cooler weather but might not be that great at the height of summer. I think that this does have some good versatility as well. It’s appropriate for the office or school but can also be worn on a date, no problem. If it’s not really a ‘sexy’ perfume, it is a highly attractive one, that is pleasant to be around.

Overall, is Woman worth a purchase? I’d say yes. This is in my mind, one of the best releases that Ralph Lauren has put out over the past 5-plus (?) years (although, I did like the Romance line). This could easily become an everyday scent for someone who enjoys lighter floral fragrances that are held in check by fruit notes and doesn’t become overbearing. The only downside to me, is the fact that it isn’t a beast in the longevity department, but it is decent enough in that regard.