Yellow Diamond Intense by Versace Perfume Review

Today, I’m going to review another women’s perfume by Versace, Yellow Diamond Intense. I’ve had this sample for a while and have been giving it consideration today. In this review, I will cover what’s in it, how it smells, performs, when it should be worn, and if it is worth a purchase or not.



Notes include: pear, citron, neroli, bergamot, freesia, orange blossom, jasmin, bezoin, musk, amber wood

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OK, so I reviewed the original Yellow Diamond perfume on the site a few days back, but I also have a sample vial of the Intense version so I thought that I should review it next. The notes are the same, so how different could the fragrance actually be? Was it just going to be a ‘stronger’ version of the original?

Upon smelling the opening for the first time, I knew that it wouldn’t be the same. Versace definitely reformulated the potency of each note, as well as making it more intense. Yellow Diamond Intense starts out with a bold presentation of the citrus notes, while the floral notes take a much more subservient role than they did in the original. I have to say that I enjoy the opening of the Intense version much more than the original.

After about 5-10 minutes the pear note began to take hold and the citrus quieted down somewhat. The second phase is a citrus/pear/white floral combination that is quite cheery and upbeat. Later on there are some woodsy notes but I don’t feel that this version gets ‘green’ or too plant-like as the original does with its mostly floral/wood disposition. This is a very clean scent and almost has a soapy vibe to it at times.

Projection wise, Yellow Diamond Intense actually lives up to its name. It does deliver some intensity after the soft-spoken original fragrance. It projects quite well and never felt weak to me. I sprayed it on an old t-shirt days ago and it seems to still be going strong on the fabric. Longevity is also better than the original. On my skin it lasted right around 8 hours and I only used on spray on my wrist. That’s a great sign.

Yellow Diamond Intense is of course a spring/summer scent. It really has a naturalistic feeling of fruit and flowers that takes your mind to walking through a grove or garden. It seems like a versatile fragrance as well, it would be fine for the office or casual situations. Not really a club scent but possible for dating. I do find it to be sexier than the original but still wouldn’t classify it as a ‘sexy’ or ‘seductive’ perfume.

Overall, do I recommend Intense? I liked the original but I like this one better. It’s bolder and I think the composition is more refined. Add to the fact that it has a higher level of performance and it’s a winner. I’m not totally blown away by Yellow Diamond Intense, but I find no real faults with it either. It’s a very good choice and if you happen to like the notes as shown, you could do a lot worse than picking up a bottle of this stuff.