Yellow Diamond by Versace Women’s Perfume Review

I still have a box with a dozen or so samples to get through and review. That being the case, I thought that it was time again to a review of a ladies’ fragrance, as they are seemingly most of what it left in the box. Today’s scent is from Versace and was released in 2011, under the title of Yellow Diamond. As usual, I am going to share my experience¬† with and impressions of this scent. Plus, give details on how it performs, when it should be worn, and if I think it is worth a purchase or not.



Notes include: citron, pear, neroli, bergamot, nymphea, freesia, orange blossom, mimosa, amber wood, musk, palo santo

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The opening of Yellow Diamond is quite interesting to me. On the one hand you have a blend of citrus, which could come off as potent (as it does in Versace’s Eau Fraiche for Men). However, the notes are actually tempered by the contingent of floral notes, namely the mimosa but I also detect a fairly strong freesia. So, those who may be worried about a runaway citrus aroma, can be at ease that Yellow Diamond is not like that.

It’s kind of cool how Versace managed to essentially create the color yellow within the confines of a fragrance. The initial aroma really does invoke images of all kinds of yellow flowers and lemons growing off of trees. At about 10-15 minutes in, I pick up more of the floral notes than I do the citrus, and the scent becomes like being among some lush greenery.

Yellow Diamond does a nice job of not being a linear scent experience during wear and you do actually get to pick up on the variety of notes throughout the day. The overall all picture of it that I get is that, this is a bright/warm daytime fragrance with an air of floral sweetness to it.

Projection wise, it starts out as a moderate but is mostly a light fragrance throughout its lifespan. I don’t mean to say that it is weak or anything like that but it isn’t something that will absolutely envelope you (unless you go overboard with the spraying). The longevity is decent but not crazy good, I found that I got about 6 hours on my skin, where the perfume was noticeable.

Because Yellow Diamond flies under the radar, it can be a good choice for casual situations such as work or school. I’d say that it’s best in the springtime but I’d definitely keep it on in the daytime. It really doesn’t strike me as a ‘sexy’ perfume. Like, if I smelled this on a woman while out on the town for an evening, I’d think that it’s a pleasant scent but it wouldn’t drive me crazy in the slightest.

Overall, is Yellow Diamond worth a buy? It’s a good everyday wear, though, it isn’t some amazing experience. If you like the floral notes that are in it, like citrus, and need a daytime fragrance…then, this might be the solution for you. If you enjoy more candy-like sweetness or a dark/spicy perfume, then, you’d be served well to look elsewhere. Yellow Diamond is a very solid perfume, good but not great.