YSL L’Homme Cologne for Men Review

I am a longtime fan of YSL fragrances. In fact, two of the first three bottles of cologne that I ever bought were Opium and Kouros Body. ¬†Needless to say, there is something about this design house’s scents that really speak to me. Today, my review is going to focus on another entry from Yves Saint Laurent, L’Homme. Introduced in 2006, this has been a fairly big hit in terms of its popularity. Is it worth buying? Read on to find out.


Notes include: Virginia Cedar, Ginger, Violet, Citron, White Pepper, Basil Flower, Ozone, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Vetiver



I really want to like this cologne and in fact I DO like this cologne. However, it is not without its problems, which makes it difficult for me to recommend wholeheartedly. First of all, I would like to state that this scent is absolutely beautiful. Seriously, everyone seems to like this fragrance, especially the ladies. It is a fresh blend of citrus and spicy/woody notes that give it an air of elegance and sensuality. From the opening whiff, this scent is pleasant.

Now, the problems…this scent doesn’t last nor does it project well. Seriously, it has the same problems as The One by D&G, which is another amazing scent that doesn’t have any staying power. I would say that L’Homme gives you about an hour of wearing time before it is only detectable if one’s nose is right against wear you sprayed. It is frustrating as all hell because the opening 15 minutes or so is really great and this would be a versatile everyday wear if it could simply have some longevity.

Overall, it’s a great scent that is just poorly executed. It’s such a shame because I really do dig this fragrance.