A*Men Pure Havane Vs. Pure Malt Cologne Comparison

Today’s installment of my ever-running series of cologne comparisons will be between two scents from the Angel Men line by Thierry Mugler, Pure Havane and Pure Malt. These are two popular and well respected fragrances, as A*Men flankers. In This post, I want to explore the openings of both, how each smells, how it performs, and which of these two colognes is a better buy overall?


Pure Havane Tale of the Tape

A*Men Pure Havane

Notes include: tobacco leaves, honeyed tobacco, patchouli, and bitter cocoa

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Pure Malt Tale of the Tape

angel men pure malt review

Notes include: bergamot, patchouli, vanilla, cedar, amber, fruits, coffee bean, musk

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The opening of both of these scents is really quite fantastic, in my opinion. This is going to be a tough comparison, as neither of these scents is bad or an under performer, and it will mostly come down to personal preference. Pure Havane opens up as a brighter and sweeter fragrance than does Pure Malt. Havane is a warm and sensual tobacco note blended with sugar, honey, and a bit of vanilla. Malt on the other hand gives you that darker and heavier malt aroma with smokey and fruity undertones. To be honest, I’m really digging the boozy scent of Pure Malt right now, and I’m going to give it a very slight nod.

Edge: Pure Malt



I don’t really notice a difference in the projection strength between these two.

Edge: Push



Both of these colognes are very solid performers. However, Havane becomes more of a skin scent after 5-6 hours. I usually get an extra hour or two out of Pure Malt.

Edge: Pure Malt



These two are cold weather scents and work obviously well in casual situations. Havane, though, does have more of a use in romantic wear it seems. Neither is a ‘club’ scent but Pure Malt hasn’t gotten as warm of a reception from women in my experience as Havane does…it doesn’t effect me wearing it, but it’s something to consider.

Edge: Pure Havane


Overall Scent

To me, the real decision is between whether you prefer a tobacco note or a boozier type of scent. Havane is sweet in a sugary way, masculine, and rich. It really is a great cologne. Pure Malt gets it sweetness from fruit notes, has a spicier/smoky profile, and is much more like a fine whiskey. I love both of these colognes and think that Mugler knocked it out of the park with them. Pure Malt is just a bit better in terms of performance and I really have enjoyed wearing it over the past few days. Your results may vary but I know which one I’m picking.

Winner: Pure Malt