Axe Excite Shower Gel Fragrance Review

I have been reviewing many different fragrances here on the site over the past few months. Among them, is the Axe line of shower gels that have become so popular in the last 15 years or so. Now, I haven’t worn the body spray since high school but since I can usually get a good price on the shower gel, I like to use it to clean myself up. In this post, I want to take a closer look at Excite, which is a newer edition to this brand and see where it ranks among the other Axe options.



FullSizeRender (32)

Notes include: caramel, hazelnut, coconut


Axe Excite is described as a woodsy based scent but to me it’s more of a sweet gourmand in a lot of ways. While there does seem to be woods influences with the hazelnut note and perhaps some other notes that I’m not aware of, I really do get a sweet and rich lather from this bottle of Axe. The hazelnut note is also found in Very Irresistible by Givenchy, however, that is more of a coffee/mocha type of scent. Excite is more of  a cocoa butter type of scent with an extra candy-like sweetness to it provided by the coconut to go along with a woodsy base.

Like the other Axe scents, it’s a very linear experience. Meaning, the scent really doesn’t have a dry down period where it transforms, like colognes would. The longevity and projection of the shower gel are both average. The Axe body sprays do tend to last most of the day and can be quite potent, so they shouldn’t be used to the extreme in terms of amount.

How would I rank Axe Excite compared to other scents from this line? Out of the one’s I have reviewed on the site, I’d put it behind Anarchy in the second spot. However, there are other Axe scents that I haven’t reviewed yet, that I think are better also (Gold/Dark Temptation, Kilo, and some others I don’t think are made any longer). Overall, though, I do like Axe Excite a lot as a shower gel. It is stimulating and quite alluring in it’s presentation. It’s a very creamy and rich sort of smell, that is quite pleasing for the price.