Axe Peace Shower Gel Fragrance Review

It’s been a while since I have done a fragrance review on the site, so I thought that I’d do another overview from the Axe line of shower gels. In today’s post, I’d like to take a closer look at Axe’s scent, Peace for men.



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Notes include: musk, woods, fruit zest

Axe Peace Body Spray for Men, 4 Oz (3 Pack)


Axe Peace is a pretty interesting scent, at least as far as body washes are concerned. It has a bit of an aquatic, almost summertime feel to it, which I would venture a guess that the ‘fruit zest’ notes provide. I can’t quite detect what fruit note it is but it seems like a subtle citrus, nothing too sweet or overpowering but very clean.

The longevity of this scent actually seems better than the other scent in the Axe line. The body wash can still be detected on my skin hours later and it actually does a good job of projecting for a solid time period as well. I imagine the body spray probably would be a pretty long lasting scent as well.

How would I rank Peace versus the other Axe fragrances? I would put this one near the top. It would totally depend what you’re in the mood for but if you want something that is fresh, not too sweet, and masculine this one would do the trick. The clean citrus notes are joined by the warmth/spiciness of the musk note as well as a woody heart that gives it that air of masculinity. This is definitely a pleasant smelling scent and for what it is, worth a try.