Axe White Label Night Shower Gel Review

We generally cover the best in men’s colognes and ladies perfumes on this site. However, there are naturally other fashion and beauty products on the markets which command our attention from time to time. Today, i would like to delve into a line known as the White Label by Axe which is a subsidiary of Unilever. Axe is an industry leader in male body spray, deodorant, and body wash and has introduced the new white label line of scents here in 2015. For this post, I am going to give my impressions on the fragrance called, “Night” after using it in its shower gel form.


Notes include: grapefruit, lavender, cedarwood and praline


The opening of this shower gel is smooth and dark. It comes out of the bottle colored purple and has a very good lather, once you begin working it. To me, the most prominent note is the sandalwood and it provides a very clean experience and that element of darkness to the fragrance. The cedar wood gives it a rougher and more masculine note and balances out the bitterness of the grapefruit quite well. This isn’t a cologne that has multi-layers to it but it does provide a fresh and very smooth scent.


In terms of its staying power, again, it’s not a cologne…though I am sure the deodorant or body spray will last much further into the day (Axe will generally last pretty much all day in my experience, especially the deodorant). The shower gel, seems to have a staying power of maybe 4 hours depending on the environment you’re in. If I use it after the gym and am just lounging around the house, it obviously lasts much longer than if I am out and about. Do I like this scent? I do but it isn’t my favorite among the two White Label shower gels that I have tried thus far.