Best Smelling Britney Spears Perfumes: Top 5 Britney Scents for Ladies

Britney Spears made it big in the music world before she turned her sights towards fragrance. The thing is, she didn’t just slap her name onto some cheap smelling mess of a fragrance and collect some royalties, the Britney Spears line of perfumes has some definite winners. For this post, I have selected the five scents that I feel are the best of the bunch and could be the right choice for a specific type of taste.

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Fantasy– Warm, flirty, and sweet. Fantasy is always a popular ladies’ fragrance and for good reason, it smells fantastic.  Fantasy is truly a sensual perfume that is quite memorable. Notes include: kiwi, white chocolate, musk, lychee, jasmine, orchid, and quince.


Curious– A light, beautiful, floral fragrance from Britney Spears that is quite lovely and sensual. Curious is a long-lasting fragrance that is never heavy but holds a certain charm and seductive quality. Notes include: tuberose, magnolia, sandalwood, vanilla infused musk, pear, and jasmine.


Cosmic Radiance– Cosmic Radiance is a new take on the original Radiance perfume by Britney. Cosmic is sweet and uplifting and has the versatility to be worn at work or during the nightlife. Notes include: White Floral, Mandarin Orange, Litchi, Creamy Sandalwood, Soft Vanilla, And Amber.


Midnight Fantasy– A sweet blend of fruit and floral notes that will please the senses to no end. Midnight Fantasy is a different take on the sweetness offered by the original Fantasy but one which really stands out. Notes include: Framboise, Black Cherry, Musk, Night Blooming Orchid, Vanilla, Plum, Freesia, Amber, Iris.


Believe– Believe is a soft and lightly fruity fragrance that is great for everyday use. It is a more mature kind of scent versus some of the others which get labeled as girly. The citrus and floral notes blend to make this a very pleasant experience. Notes include: Linden Blossom, Tangerine, Honeysuckle, Amber, Praline, Patchouli.