Best Calvin Klein Perfumes for Women: Top 7 CK Fragrances for Ladies

Calvin Klein has released scores of fragrances over the past 30 or so years. Many of them are decidedly unisex in their use and even those ultimately smell great. However, for this list I wanted to focus on scents specifically designed for ladies to wear and present the best CK options from the brand’s perfume lineup. I have selected seven women’s fragrances which I feel are the best all-around options and present different seasonal or stylistic choices. As always, I have linked out to, where each perfume can be had at a great price.

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Euphoria Forbidden– Sexy and a long-lasting performer. Notes of jasmine, tiger orchid, peach blossoms, and other fruits/floral. This one is full of energy and vibrancy to help get a woman noticed.



CK In2U– A perfume that works well in the spring and summer months, though, could still be used at other times of the year. It has a bit of citrus and a sweetness to it that isn’t too strong. A lovely everyday wear with notes of white cactus, bergamot, red cedar, grapefruit, vanilla, and more.


Eternity Summer– The seasonal spin-off of an already classic perfume. Notes include pineapple, wood, musk, and tangerine pulp. It is a light fragrance which still manages to be an attention getter and long-lasting during those extremely warm summer months.


Escape– Rose, mandarin, peach, apple, plum, musk, and sandalwood make up this lovely fragrance which was released in 1991. Escape is a fantastic smelling perfume and there is a reason it’s still a best seller after all of these years.



Beauty– A step away from the more youthful scents into something that is more refined and mature.

ck beauty


Downtown– A relative unknown among CK fragrances. A clean and crisp perfume that is suitable for daily wear. Full of fruit notes such as plum, pear, and Italian lemon.


Euphoria– Always a top seller and that is because it smells so delicious. It is soft but still retains an air of playfulness and excitement. Euphoria is definitely a winner. Notes include: mahogany, black orchid, lotus blossom, black violet, persimmon, and pomegranate.